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Viet Yen district invests in infrastructure, maintain centralized farming area

(BGO) - With many industrial parks and narrowing agriculture land, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) orients to develop agriculture sector by maintaining and supporting centralized production area as well as wide spreading safe farming model to create clean products for customers in and outside the province.  

Smooth consumption

Previously, farmers grew many types of rice at the same field in Ruong village, Thuong Lan commune (Viet Yen district), leading to severe worm and diseases. To recover this issue, the communal People’s Committee called on local farmers to cultivate one type of rice on total area of 80ha in this spring season.

Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province, invests in infrastructure, maintain centralized farming area, safe farming model, clean products

Farmer in Minh Son village, Trung Son commune harvests tomatoes.

In addition to the rice support for centralized rice growing field from the provincial People’s Committee, local authority gave 8,500 VND more per kg of seed. Because the farmers grew one kind of rice at the same field, the crop was well developed with less worm and disease.

According to Viet Yen district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, the district established 8 centralized rice growing areas with total area of over 1,000 ha and 5 vegetable cultivation areas of 200 ha, mostly in the communes of Viet Tien, Tu Lan, Quang Minh, Minh Duc…

So, the district has gained average farming growth rate of 2.3 percent per year for 5 years and established big concentrated commodity production areas with high economic efficiency (average value of 120 million VND per ha per year).

Synchronous investment in infrastructure

Actual situation proved that concentrated production changed the district agriculture and rural appearance as well as created vast farm produce material area for customers and increasing demand from the industrial parks.

However, there are several shortcomings in the irrigation system and inner traffic infrastructure to serve production at concentrated area which yet to meet the requirement.

To turn Viet Yen into city and well serve the consuming demand of industrial and service areas, the provincial People’s Committee assigned the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to cooperate and instruct the farmers to stably and effectively maintain available hi-tech farming models, review and expand more high tech agricultural production areas to serve industrial parks and clusters as well as local school canteens.

The models include centralized VietGAP and organic vegetable growing areas in the communes of Quang Minh, Trung Son, Nghia Trung, Viet Tien, Tu Lan, Minh Duc (total area of 80ha).

Key products of chilli, cucumber, potato, squash, sweet potato…will be developed in the communes of Thuong Lan, Tu Lan, Viet Tien, Quang Minh …while onion will be grown in 60 ha in Nghia Trung and Ninh Son communes.

To meet the demand of industrial parks and schools, the district People’s Committee prepared project to support the infrastructure of intensive agricultural production area.

Accordingly, from now on till 2025, the district will allocate expense to assist inner road and field at 14 concentrated production areas, including 9 areas for growing rice each covering over 50ha and remaining areas for cultivating vegetable each scale of over 20ha.

Head of the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Viet Cuong said: “The district People’s Committee estimates to arrange some 100 billion VND to reinforce the infrastructure of concentrated production area; concrete the road, canal and build the area for gathering and buying farm produce”.


Sy Quyet
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Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province, invests in infrastructure, maintain centralized farming area, safe farming model, clean products
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