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Youths volunteer to support lychee sale

(BGO) - At this time, lychees begin to be harvested. In order to support growers, the Bac Giang provincial Youth Union has directed its local chapters and affiliated units to set up volunteer youth teams to support digital transformation and sale of agricultural products, thereby helping farmers harvest lychees in time, and boost e-commerce application in lychee sale and promotion.

Proactively preparing support plans

Before 7 am, the atmosphere at the 2ha lychee garden of Luong Thi Suu in Phuc Dinh village, Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen) was bustling. Nearly 30 youth union members from Phuc Hoa commune and Tan Yen district police busily picked up lychees and tied them into large bundles for transport to purchasing points.

Youths volunteer, support lychee sale, Bac Giang province, Youth Union, volunteer youth teams, digital transformation, farmers harvest lychees, e-commerce application

Youth union members in Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan) join volunteer activities in this lychee crop.

Promoting the youth's strength and pioneering spirit, since the end of May, volunteer youths are have always been present in Phuc Hoa commune, home to most of the early-ripening lychee gardens. The Phuc Hoa commune Youth Union cooperated with a number of its chapters to support the harvesting of 10 tonnes of lychee for nine poor and policy beneficiary families.

In addition, volunteer youths also joined relevant forces to monitor traffic flow and ensure security and order at lychee purchasing points.

In order to widely implement activities to support people in harvesting and selling lychees, previously, the Standing Committee of the provincial Youth Union directed the Youth Unions of the provincial Public Security, the provincial Military Command, universities and colleges in the province, and the Bac Giang Students Association in Hanoi to collaborate with the Youth Union of Luc Ngan district in organizing activities to support lychee harvest in 2022.

The volunteer youth teams reviewed and made a list of households that need support. So far, 162 households have registered for support. It is expected that more than 500 volunteer youths from units in the province and the Bac Giang Students Association in Hanoi will support lychee harvesting in the district. The teams have supported 24 families with difficult circumstances to harvest more than 15 tonnes of lychee.

Expanding lychee promotion and consumption channels

To support lychee consumption, the provincial Youth Union sent an open letter to the youth unions of the provinces and cities asking them to act as a bridge to introduce and promote Bac Giang lychees to consumers throughout the country as well as organize activities to support the consumption of agricultural products, especially lychee.

Youths volunteer, support lychee sale, Bac Giang province, Youth Union, volunteer youth teams, digital transformation, farmers harvest lychees, e-commerce application

Young people volunteer to help people in Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen) sell lychees.

On June 2, the provincial Youth Union signed a cooperation agreement with the Ba Sao Catering Service Company Limited and the Youth Union of the Vietnam Post Corporation. Accordingly, the Ba Sao Catering Service Co., Ltd. supports the purchase and sale of lychees by cooperatives owned by young people.

The Youth Union of the Vietnam Post Corporation undertakes the task of putting Luc Ngan's lychee products on the e-commerce platform PostMart.

"For Luc Ngan farmers, the introduction and sale of goods on the digital platforms remain limited. The connection to bring agricultural products to the e-commerce system of the provincial Youth Union has opened a new direction in promoting the sale of agricultural products in general and lychee in particular," said La Van Nam, Chairman of the Luc Ngan People's Committee.

In order to help people access digital technology in selling lychees, the volunteer youth teams supporting the sale of agricultural products have collaborated with community digital technology teams to disseminate basic digital skills to people such as how to access and use the Internet, email, online shopping, electronic payment and online public services as well as how to keep personal information safety.

The provincial Youth Union will support lychee sale in various forms such as through e-commerce platforms and coordinating to open direct selling points to promote and introduce products. At the same time, it will assist direct connections with enterprises in need and youth unions across the country.


Ngoc Anh
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Youths volunteer, support lychee sale, Bac Giang province, Youth Union, volunteer youth teams, digital transformation, farmers harvest lychees, e-commerce application
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