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Yen Dung: Farmer billionaire gets rich from fields

(BGO) – Having twice left his hometown to work far away, but in the end, Nguyen Van Mui in Lieu De village, Tan Lieu commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province chose to return home. On his home land, he has been successful with the biosafety duck farming model, earning more than 1 billion VND (42,477 USD) per year.

Mui picked me up at the slope of the dyke and took me to visit his 2ha duck farm. “This is farm 1, far beyond is farm 2. I only raise ducks for eggs. I sell hatched eggs and hatchlings, with the profit doubling that from selling normal eggs,” he said.

Yen Dung district, Farmer billionaire, gets rich from fields, Bac Giang province, Nguyen Van Mui, biosafety duck farming, stable consumption markets

Mui stands by the incubator.

His family earns 1.5 billion VND (63,700 USD) in profit per year. For this achievement, it took him and his wife nearly ten years of hard work to renovate and build farms on the land that was once a low-lying field.

He said “Tan Lieu is a commune lying near the dyke so the fields are often flooded. Rice can only be grown for one crop, but it is uncertain. But in return, this place has countless shrimp and fish. Big earning urged me to work hard. For 5 consecutive years, I was immersed in water, so I suffered from typhoid and necrotizing enterocolitis. My body was very skinny and it took me a year and a half to recover. All the money earned from catching shrimp and fish was spent on medical treatment, even I had to borrow more. We were scared so we quit the job," said Mui. After that, his couple turned to trading piglets.

During a trip to carry pigs, his wife, Do Thi Lam, met an accident when a Minsk motorcycle fell on her, making her leg broken and affecting her back. Unable to follow this hard job anymore, in 2008, he and his wife switched to raising pigs. Unfortunately, the foot-and-mouth disease caused mass deaths of pigs.

So the family of four members (husband, wife and two children) went to the South to work as hired laborers for 2 years. Then the couple and their youngest child were sent to Taiwan to work in the field of electronics. Two years working there, he always dreamed of returning to get rich in his hometown. Having capital, the whole family returned to the homeland and realized that dream.

After visiting many places, realizing that the duck farming model is suitable for low-lying fields, in 2013, Mui embarked on renovating a low-lying land into two duck farming areas.

He and his wife decided to raise ducks under biosafety standards with 3,000 ducks in two farms. Each farm is built with masonry walls and mesh fences, and has its own entrance gate, clean water tanks, specialized feeders, biological paddings and clean disinfection pits.

Therefore, the ducks of Mui’s couple are less sick and have a high survival rate and good quality. From raising ducks for meat, he gradually switched to raising ducks for eggs, and then learned to make hatched eggs.

Those experiences have been gradually accumulated and applied by Mui. When he got a large amount of capital, he bought five incubators. His family regularly raises 5,000 parent ducks.

Every day, the ducks lay about 4,200 eggs, all of which are put in the incubators to produce both hatchlings and hatched eggs. After two years, now his farms’ products have stable consumption markets.

Yen Dung district, Farmer billionaire, gets rich from fields, Bac Giang province, Nguyen Van Mui, biosafety duck farming, stable consumption markets

Thanks to duck farming, Mui has built a spacious house.

So, thanks to the bidding mechanisms and policies of the State as well as Mui’s dynamism and breakthrough mindsets, he now has a monthly income of more than 100 million VND (4,247 USD).

Experiencing failure and bitterness and now "picking sweet fruits", Mui and his wife understand the hardships of farmers more than anyone. In 2021, when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, he was the only person in the commune granted a travel permit. He used his truck to transport locals’ farm produce for sale.

Recently, Yen Dung district launched a club of good farmers in production and business at provincial and central levels consisting of eight members led by Mui. “We want to gather people who do well the garden-pond-cage model in the district to exchange production experience, support product consumption, and further develop the movement of farmers doing good production and business in the district”, Mui said.

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Yen Dung district, Farmer billionaire, gets rich from fields, Bac Giang province, Nguyen Van Mui, biosafety duck farming, stable consumption markets
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