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Bac Giang farm produce sold out on Tet occasion

(BGO) – The farm produce in Bac Giang province have been well consumed on the Lunar New Year occasion. Many facilities must operate at maximum capacity to serve the market demand.

Sold out product at high price

Recently, family of Tran Van Hanh in Chao Cu village, Giap Son commune (Luc Ngan district) have hired three workers to harvest jujube and sell to customers. Since early season, he has sold more than 5 tonnes of fruits and earned about 200 million VND (over 8,500 USD).

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The farmers in Cao Thuong town (Tan Yen district) harvest guava to supply to Tet market.

To reduce satiety of Tet party, people preferred buying various fruits such as jujube, orange and pomelo in Luc Ngan district. According to the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in Luc Ngan district, the district has so far consumed 46,640 tonnes of orange and pomelo, including 13,464 tonnes of sweet orange, 11,520 tonnes of yellow flesh orange, 14,792 tonnes of sweet pomelo, 4,185 tonnes of other pomelo and 760 tonnes of other citrus fruits.

Local fruits are well consumed. Apart from fruit hub Luc Ngan, the farmers in guava growing area in Tan Yen district is now focusing on harvest season.

Nguyen Thi Van in Hoa Son residential area of Cao Thuong town shared: “The favourable weather condition this year give us bumper guava season with high selling price. The first class fruit is bought directly in the garden at the price of 25,000 VND per kg so the farmer can earn big income. As schedule, this batch can be harvested till the 30th day of lunar December, 2022”.

Linking and promoting the products

Together with fruits, many processing farm produce are well sold. Currently, members of Lien Chung Grilled Fermented Pork Roll Cooperative are busy with making the product. Annually, the cooperative consumes 3 to 4 tonnes of pork. It must additionally print 15,000 stamps to stick on the product so as to ensure the customer’s belief.

Bac Giang province, farm produce, sold out, Tet occasion, Lunar New Year,  maximum capacity, market demand, Sold out product, high price

The farmer in Dong Hung commune (Luc Nam district) harvest sweet orange.

Taking favourable weather, the craft men in Tho Ha village, Van Ha commune (Viet Yen district) are hustle and bustle to make rice sheet. Many households work three shifts per day with daily productivity of 1 to 3,000 sheets to earn profit of millions VND.

The producers become more and more professional together with technical application to create prestigious and quality product. Also, they apply technology into promoting and introducing the product to lure customers.

Nguyen Van Tru in Xom Lang village, Binh Son commune (Luc Nam district) grew three hectares of pomelo to sell on Tet occasion. This season he harvested over 80,000 fruits. Thanks to promotion on social network, he attracts many customers in his neighboring area, adjacent localities and other provinces and cities. Even, he bought more pomelo from local households.

Tru said: “On this Tet holiday, I supplied more than 20,000 pomelos to people in Da Nang, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh…It was the first year local pomelo has been sold to such far distance”.

Joining hands with the product owners, local authority and competent agencies organized many programmes, intergrated various capital sources to promote local farm produce.

Particularly, Luc Ngan district launched programme “Return to the land of sweet fruit Luc Ngan 2022” to communicate, promote and attract visitor to experience orange and pomelo season.

Some departments and sectors guided producer to sell product on social network and electronic commercial platforms instead of traditional sale method. Though the specific data has yet to be announced, the Department of Industry and Trade confirmed that the quantity of farm produce sold online is more and more increased, proving for new approach trend of producer and consumer in digital era. Thus, the Department will continue supporting the farmers to create stall and instruct them to sell and promote the product online.

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Bac Giang province, farm produce, sold out, Tet occasion, Lunar New Year, maximum capacity, market demand, Sold out product, high price
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