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Farmers’club with great income

(BGO) – Growing up from the field, the once austere farmers in Yen Dung district (Bac Giang province) conquered difficulties to get rich by their own hands and talents. Thanks to bold spirit, now they become outstanding farmers who are good at production and business at both central and provincial level.   

The first and sole club named“Excellent farmers at central and provincial level in Yen Dung district” (Club) was founded in August 2022 by typical farmers who were recognized as outstanding farmers at central and provincial level.

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Hoang Van Binh introduces the brick production line under the control of robot.

The spacious house of Hoang Van Binh (born in 1966), a member of the Club, stands out amid the vast fruit garden in Quyet Chien village, Lao Ho commune (Yen Dung district). Many people admired his bold spirit after he invested 35 billion VND (1.47 million USD) to build Lao Ho Tuynel Brick Factory on low land.

At first, the factory relied on manual production. Now, he asked for loan to invest in modern line with capacity of 20 million bricks per year. Moreover, he spent over 5 billion VND to buy control robot which helped reduce environmental pollution and enhance the efficiency. His company earns yearly revenue of 20 billion VND and creates job to 20 labours with average income of 8 to 10 million VND per person per month.

With such result, Binh was recognized as “Outstanding farmer” in three consecutive years (2018, 2019, 2020) and honored with Certificate of Merit by the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.

Similarly, Nguyen Van Mui in Lieu De village, Tan Lieu commune failed to do business in far distance then successfully get rich by raising duck for egg in 2 hectare farm on homeland. He invested in 5 incubators to improve the product value and earn stable revenue of 1.5 billion per year.

Mui was recognized as outstanding Vietnamese farmer, good farmer member at central level for 5 years (2016 – 2021). Also, he was one of 100 national outstanding farmers in 2022 who were honored with Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit.

Besides, Dang Van Mai in Tan Lieu commune earns high income of 500 – 700 million VND per year by growing fruits and raising castle and poultry on his 3.5 hectare farm. He creates stable jobs for many local labours.

Nguyen Van Boi in Tien Dung commune invested in combine harvester and big size agrimotor to serve agriculture cultivation on 10 hectare field. It helps bring him annual income of 700 million to one billion VND and create jobs to seasonal labours.

Do Minh Hung in Canh Thuy commune grows fruit and rare trees on two hectares in association with raising fish and turtle which bring him good income of 500 – 700 million VND per year.

Several members of the Club develop different models and earn stable revenue of 300 – 400 million VND per year such as household of Hoang Van Anh in Tu Mai commune, Nguyen Huy Hung in Tu Mai commune, Nguyen Khac Truong in Dong Phuc commune.

Apart from high income, these outstanding farmers always stand side by side toward mutual development. They are ready to support each other, instruct and popularize the knowledge and experience, offer assistance in term of capital and material and active in charity and volunteer work.

Innitially, the Club widespreads the solidarity spirit to develop the economy, get rich and creat job to local labour. Also, it helps sustainably reduce the povery, build advanced and model new style rural areas.

The Club Chairman Nguyen Manh Chien said: “Our Club attracts outstanding farmers who are good at production and doing business and desire to get rich legally. It is a common place to support, share experience to others. We target to welcome more members in the upcoming time”.


Thu Phong
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Farmers’club, great income, Bac Giang province, Yen Dung district, outstanding farmers, production and business, central and provincial level, bold spirit
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