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Bac Giang farmer gets rich by growing Dai Mat jujube

(BGO) – With his activeness and acute sense for market, Nguyen Van Doan (born in 1986) in Ky Son village, Nghia Phuong commune, Luc Nam district (Bac Giang province) gets rich by growing Dai Mat jujube on his homeland.

He graduated from Foreign Trade University at faculty of International Business Economics in 2010. Similar to many new graduates, he stayed in Hanoi to work for a company specialized at farm produce import and export. After a period of time, Doan decided to go home, invest in revamping the field and garden to grow guava, papaya and lemon with rosy pulp.

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Nguyen Van Doan in his jujube garden.

In 2015, a trader told him about Dai Mat jujube (a variety of Taiwan jujube, China). It is tasty, succulent, sweet, crisp, and fleshy fruit which are widely preferred on the market.

Then Doan self-studied about this jujube via document, video and introduction. Sometimes he hired translator to help him deeply understand about it. After a while, he decided to buy the seedlings from Taiwan to grow on total area of over 1.5 hectares.

Doan shared the first key factor is to have high quality seedlings. The growers should use fertilizer properly in each growing period, pay due attention to prevent and fight worm and common diseases on jujube tree. Coming to third year of cultivation, he was so surprised after harvesting the first crop and earning nearly one billion VND (42,300 USD).

With gained experiences, he doubled the cultivation area up to 3 hectares in line with VietGAP procedure which helps him have better fruit quality. Most of his fruits are sold at many supermarkets in provinces and cities nationwide.

This year, Doan expects to harvest 80 to 90 tonnes of fruits. With current average price of 40,000 VND per kg (7 – 8 fruits per kg), his family can earn profit of over 2 billion VND excluding the cost for investment and cultivation.

Doan not only gets rich for his family but also actively shares jujube growing experiences for several neighbors. For recent two years, he has layers and grafted Dai Mat jujube and other crops for local farmers. This model helps create job to 5 regular labours and nearly 20 people in peak harvest time.

The Farmers’ Association in Luc Nam district is supporting Doan to build Doan Nguyen Dai Mat Jujube become product under One Commune One Product programme.

Hanh Nguyen
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Bac Giang farmer, gets rich, growing Dai Mat jujube, Bac Giang province, OCOP product, activeness and acute sense, Nguyen Van Doan
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