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Luc Ngan well prepares condition to consume lychee

(BGO) – Recently, the farmers in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) have focused on caring for the lychee. The competent agencies have well managed the growing area code for export  and actively implemented trade promotion event to boost product consumption.

Thanks to favourable weather condition, the district is waiting for a bumper harvest season this year. With total area of 17,357 hectares (up 1,607 hectares against 2022), Luc Ngan expects to harvest 98,000 tonnes of fruits, including 25,000 tonnes of early ripening lychee and 73,000 tonnes of main season fruit.

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Farmer in Hong Giang commune uses clean water to care for lychee garden.

Currently, the tree is bearing baby fruits. The district competent agencies have closely supervised and directed the production and processing preparation and monitored 84 growing area codes for export to the markets of Chia (35 codes), the US, Australia and EU (15 codes), Japan (32 codes) and Thailand (2 codes).

The farmers are communicated to strictly follow the requirement and standard of harvesting, processing and packaging the product before selling to the market.

Besides, local authority enhances management of 173 qualified packaging facilities for export and prevention of commercial fraud; minimizes the sudden price increase for utilities.

The district established working groups to some provinces and cities and border gates nationwide to discuss the measures of consuming and exporting lychees as well as planned “Luc Ngan on ripening lychee season” tour from May till July.

Duc Tho
Bac Giang supports lychee consumption in associated with tourism development
(BGO) - The People’s Committee in Luc Ngan district informed to mobilize nearly 3 billion VND for launching measures to assist lychee consumption in associated with tourism development attraction.
Tan Yen prepares condition to consume early ripening lychees
(BGO) – To prepare consumption condition of early ripening lychees this year, the People’s Committee in Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) requested competent agencies to enhance inspection and supervision at the growing areas, packaging facilities in order to ensure safety and qualification for domestic market and export demand.   
Bac Giang’s lychee enjoys high flowering rate
(BGO) – The lychee gardens in Bac Giang province are now under flowering stage with high rate of 90 – 95 percent. Local competent agencies have actively instructed farmers to care for the fruit trees.
Bac Giang keeps lychee area stable, improves product quality
(BGO) - In recent years, lychee has seen bumper harvests with stable prices. Therefore, many farmers in Bac Giang province have shifted from other fruit trees to lychee. This fact requires the provincial agricultural sector and local authorities to actively grasp the situation and give timely recommendations to farmers so as to keep the lychee growing area stable, avoiding massive conversion.
Production of lychee for export: follows proper procedures to improve values
(BGO)- In order to open pathway for export of lychee, the competent agencies of Bac Giang province have regularly supervised and guided farmers on caring procedures to ensure lychee quality in line with proposing issuance of planting area codes.

Luc Ngan district, well prepares condition, consume lychee, Bac Giang province, farmers in Luc Ngan district, growing area code, trade promotion event
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