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Ninh Thuan seeks ways to preserve traditional pottery-making craft

More than 200 delegates from various countries have gathered at a conference in the south central province of Ninh Thuan to discuss measures to preserve and promote the values of pottery-making of the Cham ethnic people.

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The pottery-making craft of the Cham ethnic minority group is seeking UNESCO’s recognition as intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding.

Ninh Thuan province, traditional pottery-making craft, various countries, Cham ethnic people, Bau Truc ancient village, Vietnam

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The two-day event, which opened on December 8, aimed to collect ideas from domestic and foreign scientists, researchers and experts as well as documents to support the building of dossiers submitted to the UNESCO to apply for the title.

Participants at the event highlighted outstanding values of Cham people’s traditional pottery-making while announcing the outcomes of their researches on the relations between the Cham’s pottery and other pottery hubs of Vietnam and Asian countries.

They analyzed the current situation of the heritage, affirming the need for urgent protection of the pottery-making craft, and proposing solutions to the work.

The participants also shared experiences in preserving and developing traditional pottery villages and designing policies to make planning for the villages as well as developing pottery village tourism.

They exchanged ideas on measures to transfer the craft to younger generations and popularise it to the world.

One of the typical pottery villages of Ninh Thuan is Bau Truc ancient village, which is famous for hand-made pottery products which are made with unique technical process, making them different from products of other villages.

However, Bau Truc pottery is fading due to the industrialization process, with fewer workers engaging in the craft.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Truong Van Mon from the Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City said that it is necessary to draw more tourists to the village to improve incomes for artisans.

Le Van Binh, Vice Chairman of the Ninh Thuan People’s Committee, said that currently, procedures related to the building of dossiers of Cham people’s tradition pottery-making has nearly finished. The document is scheduled to be sent to the UNESCO Committee in March 2019.


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Ninh Thuan province, traditional pottery-making craft, various countries, Cham ethnic people, Bau Truc ancient village, Vietnam
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