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Thu Duong craft village busy on Tet season

(BGO) – On the occasion of Tet holiday, the traditional craft village making Chu rice noodle in Thu Duong village, Nam Duong commune, Luc Ngan district ( Bac Giang province) is always hustle and bustle. All the noodle making households double the capacity to timely deliver the products to the market. 

Double increase productivity

Visiting the craft village of rice noodle in Thu Duong village these days, we saw all households are busy with production form early day to the midnight.

Mac Thi Nghien said: “Annually on the Tet occasion, the demand for Chu rice noodle always double. For over one month except for the heavy rainy days, all members in my family wake up at 4 to 5 am to produce the noodle. Each day, my family grill some 200 – 300kg of rice on average, nearly doubling the volume in previous months”. Her family has to hire seasonal workers to ensure the sufficient quantity and product quality ordered by customers.

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The makers pack rice noodle before delivering to the market.

Besides, family of Nguyen Thi Hoang is one of long time Chu noodle makers. On this occasion, she makes triple quantity comparing to the normal day. On average, her family make some 300 kg of rice with much increased benefit of 1 million VND per day.

According to Director of Xuan Truong Chu Rice Noodle Cooperative (Xuan Truong Cooperative) Pham Xuan Truong in Thu Duong village, Nam Duong commune, the customers normal place the order in the Lunar September to have enough products to sell on Lunar New Year occasion. One month later, the households focus on production.

Particularly, Xuan Truong Cooperative has 30 members which produce some 5 tonnes of rice noodle everyday, nearly doubling the volume made in other months of the year. For nearly two months, the cooperative has mobilized a 15 ton truck more to carry the noodle and deliver to the big supermarkets and distributors.

Firmly maintaining the trademark

Many trucks carry the rice noodle to the markets running alongside the main road to Thu Duong craft village. The village boasts for various products of rice noodle, brown rice noodle, Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) noodle, vegetable noodle, fresh vermicelli and noodle..., in which rice noodle is the most preferable product.

On the Tet occasion, each craft man can earn some 8 – 12 million VND (345 – 517 USD) per month.

On the occasion, 300 households making rice noodle in Thu Duong village are working at the maximum capacity to timely supply the product for the customers. Annually, the craft village delivers over 40 tonnes of rice noodle and vermicelli to the market on average (nearly doubling the normal quantity), with the price of 30 – 90,000 VND per kilogram. Also, it creates regular jobs to hundreds of labours with an income of 6 – 8 million VND (258 – 345 USD) per month.

To encourage the development of the traditional craft village, for years, the local authorities have paid due attention to building the product trademark, investing to expand the production scale and consumption promotion, hence Chu rice noodle is now preferred by many domestic and foreign customers.

Adding to the support, the stable output with high profit help the makers invest more capital in modern machine to expand the production, increase the productivity and enhance the product quality. Additionally, the locals in Thu Duong rice noodle village also update new product package that suits to the customers’ demand.

Thanks to good quality and appearance, Chu rice noodle enjoys good consumption in national and international markets. Besides the big supermarkets and stores, it is sold at Thailand, China, German, Poland, Switzerland ...Recently, the village has received an order of 200 tonnes of product to export to Korea.

The product quality is always the first priority though the productivity must be increased. 4 cooperatives and many production linkage groups are established in Thu Duong village to draw the participation from almost all of the villagers who are clearly aware of production level increase toward trademark affirmation.

To firmly maintain the trademark, the People’s Committee in Luc Ngan district has instructed the Cooperatives, working groups and households to strictly follow the regulations to ensure the product quality.

In the upcoming time, the district will continue building the policy and mechanism to support the traditional craft village in term of machine, equipment and trade promotion to further enhance the quality of the craft village and expand the foreign markets.

Savory Van Chung cake
(BGO) – Hiep Hoa land in the northern province of Bac Giang is well known for many rustic dishes such as tram den (black canari fruit), goi ca me (barb salad)…And Van Chung cake has recently been a local specialty. 
Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association’s chapter in Chukyo region visits Bac Giang province
(BGO) - On November 16, Vice Permanent Chairman of the People's Committee of Bac Giang province Lai Thanh Son received a delegation from the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association led by Maeda Toshimichi, President of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association’s chapter in Chukyo region. Attending the reception were leaders of the Office of the provincial People's Committee, the Department of External Affairs and the Bac Giang city People's Committee.
Bac Giang farm produce store opens in Hanoi
(BGO) – Implementing the instruction of the provincial People’s Committee, the Department of Industry and  Trade on December 1 opened the store to introduce and sell the signature and key farm produce of Bac Giang province in Hanoi as well as promote the orange and pomelo grown under VietGAP procedure with stamp for origin traceability of Luc Ngan district. 
Increase value of signature farm produce
(BGO) – Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) has many signature products preferred by a wide range of customers such as Thai Son glutinous rice, Hoang Luong water dropwort and Van Chung cake among others. The district is now highly focusing on increasing the productivity and quality as well as building the trademark to improve the economic value for the farm produce.    
Bac Giang to open farm produce store and promote Luc Ngan orange, pomelo in Hanoi in early December
(BGO) – According to the Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT), to develop and promote the trademark as well as focus on consuming Luc Ngan orange, pomelo and signature, key and potential products of Bac Giang province in Hanoi city, the DoIT planned to open a store on December 1, 2019 in Hanoi to sell the key and signature agricultural products of the province as well as promote Luc Ngan orange and pomelo.  
Enhancing values of Bac Giang’s farm produce
(BGO)- In 2019, the Department of Industry and Trade supported enterprises and cooperatives producing under the value chain in Bac Giang province in packaging design, labeling and stamping origin traceability helping them to improve goods value and boost consumption.
Bac Giang boosts farm produce trademark development towards clean agriculture
(BGO)- The northern province of Bac Giang is endowed with rich land, favourable terrain and climate to develop high-tech agriculture with many kinds of valuable farm produce. As defining it a strength of the local, Bac Giang province has provided a number of policies and schemes to support farmers and accelerate investment attraction in agriculture especially commodity products for export.

Hoang Phuong

Thu Duong craft village, Bac Giang province, Tet season, traditional craft village, Chu rice noodle, noodle making households, trademark affirmation
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