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Bac Giang conducts many solutions to improve investment environment

(BGO) – The authority of all levels in the northern province of Bac Giang have made great efforts to improve the business and investment environment as well as enhance the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) for years. In a recent interview granted to the reporter, Nguyen Van Linh, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) revealed about the issue.

What are the highlights in improving the business and investment environment as well as enhancing the PCI 2018 of Bac Giang province?

Every year, after the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) announces the PCI, the PPC instructs the Department of Planning and Investment (DoPI) to analyze and clarify the reasons for the ups and downs in each component index, hence recovering the shortcomings.

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PPC Chairman Nguyen Van Linh (right) discusses with Shi Ruiqi, Head of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam at the dialogue to Taiwanese investors.

Besides, the PPC instructs the DoPI (assigning the Center of Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development) to conduct the survey about the evaluation of the enterprises and investors for the administrative procedure implementation and serving responsibility of local authority and agencies in the province (in 2018).

The survey helps the PPC have a thorough vision on the businesses’ evaluation on the local governmental authority so as to have timely instruction.

Also, the PPC regularly holds the meeting and dialogue with the enterprises on every month and quarter in order to listen to their reflection as well as timely handle the obstacles of the businesses and investors.

All condition and criteria are open to every business (both state owned and FDI ones) so that they can access to the governmental sources on investment capital.

What is the shortcoming in improving the investment environment and PCI?

Apart from the achieved results, Bac Giang still has several shortcomings and weaknesses such as inadequate management of the planning work, overlapping and conflict planning task that cause difficulties to approve for the investment policy to the projects outside the industrial parks (IPs).

The infrastructures of several IPs have been completed and synchronised slowly while the investment progresses to the IPs' infrastructure are almost delayed.

The coordination between the departments, sectors and localities yet to have dramatic change in handling the administrative procedures of the business and investor relating to investment in business.

What is the solution of Bac Giang province to make a breakthrough in improving the business and investment environment and enhancing the PCI?

To overcome these above mentioned shortcomings, the PPC built and implemented the action plan for the Government Resolution No.02/NQ-CP dated on January 1, 2019 instructing to execute the solutions and tasks to improve the business environment, national competitiveness in 2019 with a vision to 2021.

The effectiveness of administrative procedure reform is further boosted with many solutions applied to increase the operational efficiency of the Public Administrative Center in Bac Giang province in order to facilitate the enterprises when conducting the administrative formalities.

The local authority is boosting up the infrastructure completion for the operating IPs, especially Quang Chau, Van Trung and Hoa Phu while accelerating the completion progress of the procedure relating to establishment of Vietnam Korea IP, clearing the site work to hand over the land to the investor to lure the production and trading projects.

The Proposal of “Improving the effectiveness of investment attraction to Bac Giang province till 2030” will be promptly completed and issued as a basic to conduct the activities to draw the investment.

Meanwhile, the investors should be supported in boosting up the project execution progress, handling the difficulties and obstacles in investment and production. The provincial government pays regular attention to the implementation of large scale projects to timely help solve the arising issues.

Additionally, the provincial leaders will continue organising and renovating the regular meeting and dialogue with the enterprises; seriously handle their reflection and proposal; enhance the quality of external work with the enterprises as well as practically and thoroughly solve their problems.

Thank you very much!
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Bac Giang province, investment environment, great efforts, business and investment environment, provincial competitiveness index, PCI, administrative formalities
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