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Bac Giang aims to attract 1.3 billion USD in investment in 2021

(BGO) – Bac Giang province is actively implementing the Investment Promotion Programme this year, striving to lure about 1.3 billion USD in total newly registered and added investment capital of domestically invested and foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in the province, according to Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong.

In the industrial sector, the province will attract investment to industries and products with high science and technology content; and prioritize projects using "high, new, clean, energy-saving" technologies and a variety of domestically produced materials and spare parts, with commitments to technology transfer, training and employing local workers, and making great contributions to the provincial budget.

Bac Giang, 1.3 billion USD in investment in 2021,

Many industrial parks in Bac Giang province are adjacent to Hanoi – Bac Giang Expressway.

The province aims to lure investment to the electronics industry, mainly in industrial zones and clusters in Viet Yen, Tan Yen, Hiep Hoa, Yen Dung and Lang Giang districts and Bac Giang city, with priority given to major, strategic investors who will implement projects on manufacturing computers and peripheral devices, semiconductor components, electronic components of all kinds for household devices and mobile phones, creating export products to take part in global value chains.

The province will also attract textile and garment projects in planned industrial zones and clusters; power generation projects; mechanical engineering projects in newly planned industrial zones and clusters in Hiep Hoa and Yen Dung districts; agro-forestry-fishery and food processing projects in the districts of Luc Ngan, Luc Nam and Hiep Hoa.

In agriculture, Bac Giang province will call for and encourage investment in agricultural development projects towards specialized, concentrated and large-scale production, and clean agricultural production using high and environmentally friendly technology.

Bac Giang will form large-scale concentrated commodity production areas, focusing on key and typical products with potential and strengths such as Yen The hill chicken farming areas in Yen The and Tan Yen and Lang Giang districts; pig breeding areas in Tan Yen, Hiep Hoa, Lang Giang, Luc Nam, Luc Ngan and Son Dong districts; aquaculture projects in Viet Yen, Tan Yen, Hiep Hoa, Yen Dung, Lang Giang and Luc Nam districts.

In the field of trade and services, Bac Giang province plans to attract investment in the development of services and urban areas; and forming a number of national tourist areas, a provincial-level general service area, projects to build urban areas, commercial centers and high-class hotels, as well as develop entertainment, logistics, financial, health and insurance services in Bac Giang city, and resort urban projects in a number of advantageous areas such as Lang Giang, Luc Ngan and Luc Nam districts.

The province will prioritize to attract investors to implement tourism projects, develop trade centers, supermarkets, rural market system, wholesale and retail chains; resort, ecological, sports and entertainment tourism complexes; and a number of high-class service areas and hotels in Bac Giang city.

To maximize the conditions of each region, in 2021 and beyond, Bac Giang province will focus on attracting investment projects in each region. Of which, the driving force region running along National Highway No. 1 and Bac Giang city will call for investment in industrial and service development, including industrial zones located on the route and logistics centers, and areas offering entertainment, commerce, hotel, finance and banking services.

The western region, with its center being Hiep Hoa district, will focus on developing production and processing of agricultural products, handicrafts, trade and services. Besides, with the advantage of bordering Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen provinces, this region will be given priority in attracting FDI in the supporting industry, especially for Samsung Group.

In the northeastern region, with Luc Ngan district as its center, is a large mountainous area, with the potential to develop fruit trees, forest trees, medicinal plants and tourism. Its future development direction is to attract FDI in developing production and processing of agricultural and forest products, ecotourism and resort centers.

For foreign-invested projects, Bac Giang will strive to lure partners which have global trademarks with high financial capacity, long-term operation; and projects in supporting industries. The province discourages foreign invested projects that do not have long-term investment commitments (small projects that rent workshops) and depend heavily on loans. It will also not draw labor-intensive investment projects with simple technology.

Nguyen Cuong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, said that in the first two months of this year, Bac Giang province attracted over 588 million USD in investment capital, nearly 4.5 times higher than the figure in the same period last year.

In 2020, Bac Giang granted new licences and permitted additional investment to 215 projects with total investment of nearly 1.4 billion USD, up 7.3 percent year on year, rising to the ninth position among provinces and cities nationwide in FDI attraction.

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Bac Giang, 1.3 billion USD in investment in 2021,
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