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Bac Giang accelerates public investment disbursement

BAC GIANG - By August, Bac Giang's public investment disbursement rate had been lower than the national average. To speed up the progress, the province is focusing on synchronously implementing solutions with a view to disbursing all allocated capital this year.

Slow disbursement

Bac Giang planned to disburse at least 70% of the assigned public investment capital by September 30 and 100% by January 31, 2024. However, the disbursement progress for the national target programmes remained very slow.

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Work on the road connecting National Highway 17’s section near Nha Nam township with Phuc Son (Tan Yen district) is being accelerated.

The total state budget capital managed by the province has so far reached more than 13.4 trillion VND (557 million USD), of which the capital allocated in early 2023 is 9.9 trillion VND (411.5 million USD). By mid-August, only 3.7 trillion VND (153.8 million USD) had been disbursed, equal to 39% of the plan, lower than the national average.

The disbursement result was not as expected because some projects faced difficulties in compensation and site clearance, hindering their construction work.

Therefore, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee requested agencies, units and localities to focus on effectively implementing solutions for public investment disbursement and accelerating the progress of key public investment projects with inter-regional connections and spillover effects. He required the transfer of capital from projects with low or difficult disbursement to those running fast.

Right people, right responsibilities

Following the direction of the provincial leader, agencies and localities are exerting every effort to speed up the work. Based on the specific situation, construction plans and workload of some projects by the end of 2023, the civil and industrial construction investment project management board of Bac Giang province has proposed to transfer capital from the central budget of the projects to build the Bac Giang provincial Center for Disease Control and expand the Son Dong district Health Center.

Bac Giang province, public investment disbursement, national average, speed up the progress, slow disbursement, national target programmes

The contractor works through the National Day holiday (September 2-4) to soon complete the Yen The district Health Center expansion project.

Specifically, the Bac Giang provincial Centre for Disease Control project has a total investment of more than 180 billion VND (7.48 million USD), including 163 billion VND from the central budget. Work on the project started on June 26, 2023 and is expected to be completed in November 2024. 

This year, the planned capital for the project is 163 billion VND (6.77 million USD), equivalent to 96.6% of the total value of the construction and equipment installation contract.

The project is expected to disburse about 93 billion VND (3.86 million USD), failing to fulfill the target of disbursing 100% of the allocated capital. In order to effectively use and promote public investment capital, the management board proposed to transfer 70 billion VND (2.9 million USD) of the central budget allocated for the project to another project.

It also suggested the transfer of 50 billion VND (2.08 million USD) from the Son Dong district Health Center expansion project to another project as it is unable to disburse the entire allocated capital at the end of this year.

In Tan Yen district, after removing the "bottleneck" in terms of land leveling, the disbursement rate has increased to more than 50% of the plan. The district has assigned right responsibilities to right people while strengthening the inspection and supervision of the project sites.

The provincial Department of Planning and Investment has kept a close watch on the disbursement progress of agencies, units and localities; proposed the adjustment of 2023 public investment capital plans from projects with slow disbursement progress to those in need of additional capital. Some units with slow disbursement rate are trying to speed up the progress.


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Bac Giang province, public investment disbursement, national average, speed up the progress, slow disbursement, national target programmes
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