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590th anniversary of Can Tram-Ho Cat-Xuong Giang victory marked

(BGO) – A festival marking the 590th anniversary of the Can Tram- Ho Cat -Xuong Giang victory was held by the Lang Giang district People’s Committee, Bac Giang province, at the Lang Giang district stadium on February 5. The festival was attended by Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong and heads of some provincial departments and agencies as well as locals and tourists.


anniversary, Can Tram-Ho Cat-Xuong Giang victory, Bac Giang

Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong and followers

participate into processions.

The Can Tram-Ho Cat-Xuong Giang battle led by Le Loi against the Ming Dynasty took place in the heroic land of Lang Giang 590 years ago. 

Early 1427, after many big battles in Tot Dong, Chuc Dong, Ming invaders suffered heavy defeats and retreated to Dong Do in defence. Facing difficult situation, Wang Cong, the commander of the Ming troops, on the one hand, tried to broker a truce while, on the other hand he sent the messenger back home to ask for re-enforcements.

On January 31, 1427 (or the 26th day of the last lunar month of the Year of the Horse), the Ming Dynasty decided to send a 150,000-strong force in re-enforcements and 30,000 horses to enter Vietnam in two directions. Finding out the invaders’ scheme, Le Loi and Nguyen Trai imagined the full scenario and set the plan “Seizing the citadel, killing re-enforcements”.

In a short time, from October 8 to November 3, 1427, two enforcements armies led Liu Sheng and Mu Shi were defeated. The Chi Lang-Can Tram-Ho Cat-Xuong Giang victory crushed the Ming Dynasty’s plot to invade Vietnam. The victory demonstrated the extraordinary endeavour of the Lam Son troops and the close coordination between the Vietnamese army and people in the struggle for national liberation. It also showed the clever and skillful military art of the forefathers in the 15th century. The historic victory ended a 20-year period under the ruling of the brutal Ming Dynasty and opened a new historic page in the country’s building and defending history.


Ogranising the annual festival marking the Can Tram-Ho Cat-Xuong Giang victory is to be grateful to talented people, soldiers and people of Can Tram-Ho Cat who fought bravely for the fatherland’s independence and freedom, while educating the glorious revolutionary tradition of the nation and the homeland for young generations.

At the festival, delegates, locals and visitors enjoyed a drum-beating and martial art performances, flag martial art, and lion dancing. The Organising Board mobilised more 2,000 people from the departments and agencies of the district as well as students to participate into processions. There are also other cultural and sports activities, folk games like danh du (bamboo swings), tugs of war and volleyball. The festival took place on February 5-6./.

Cong Doanh

anniversary, Can Tram-Ho Cat-Xuong Giang victory, Bac Giang
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