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Legendary fairyland of Bong Lai

(BGO) - Legend has it that once King Ly Hue Tong (1194-1226) and his entourage left the capital of Thang Long to cruise to the upper reaches of the Minh Duc River. In front of the blue sky and water, the King amazingly uttered his words: the scenery is strange in four sides/ the fairyland is the same as this. 

Since then, a village was named Bong Lai that is now in Phuong Son commune (Luc Ngan district) - an ancient village on the land bearing many historical layers associated with the nation’s struggles against foreign invaders thousands of years ago.

The legend of Bong Lai village tells that in this land, King Ly Hue Tong had a son-in-law who was Prime Minister Vu Tinh, husband of Princess Ly Thi Kinh. When the King died, Vu Tinh asked for resigning to return to An Khanh village, now Tong Lenh, Truong Giang commune (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province). 

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Bong Lai river.

He raised a dog but it suddenly got lost. Because he missed the pet, Vu Tinh sailed to search for it. When he arrived in Bong Lai village, he saw the dog standing on a riverbank mound, wagging the tail to welcome its boss. Seeing this strange sign, Vu Tinh raised his hands up to heaven, saying: "Animals also know that, this is really a sacred land." He ordered the building of a palace in Bong Lai village.

Visiting Bong Lai, we also heard stories about patriotic Nguyen Thai Hoc (1903 - 1930). Before the failure of the Yen Bai uprising to March 10, 1930, he was arrested by the French troops in Co Vit hamlet (Chi Linh district, Hai Duong province). He had ever resided here and chosen the family of ninth-grade mandarin Tran Dinh Ngu as his shelter. He was protected by the family. He chose this place because in the land of Bac Giang then there was a person sharing the same sense of purpose with him named Nguyen Khac Nhu in Song Khe (Yen Dung district). They looked forward to building their career together. 

Despite being enlightened, due to old age (Ngu was born in1890), he could not go with the insurgent army but only provided possible material support. When the Yen Bai uprising was defeated by the French colonial army, Nguyen Thai Hoc and 13 leaders of the mutiny were executed on June 17, 1930. Before they died, they shouted clamorously: We are not successful but we sacrifice our lives for a good cause!

After this event, Ngu’s two brothers Nhieu Ngon and Cuu Que were also arrested by the French troops. One was detained in Hoa Lo prison and the other was sent into exile to Con Dao. The family had to sell many acres of farmland to get money for saving them from the prison.

Going downstream are a river full of pondering and the figure of ancient people on the boat. Maybe the warship with Yet Kieu and Da Tuong aboard anchored at that wharf waiting for General Tran Hung Dao to withdraw from the Noi Bang battlefield to Luc Dau, Kiep Bac. Maybe the old wharf many times welcomed and saw off the hero of Nguyen Thai Hoc to travel between the East and North regions.

Tran Dinh Ngu passed away over half a century ago, we just thanked his son, Tran Dinh Thai and thanks to him, we knew the story more clearly. We understand why Tran Dinh Thai, a veteran who "split the Truong Son Range to save the country," and a lawyer for many years living in the city, cannot live far from the fairyland of Bong Lai, because he has always been deeply attached to the source and the motherland, even if:

It is just a little place

It is impermanent that the Buddha dwells in the barren land.

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Ngo Minh Bac

Legendary fairyland, Bong Lai village, Bac Giang province, King Ly Hue Tong, Minh Duc River, ancient village, sacred land, patriotic Nguyen Thai Hoc
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