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Amateur musician Truong Ngoc Tuan describes homeland by music

(BGO) – Truong Ngoc Tuan (born in 1967) is also called “an amateur musician” by many friends. Modestly he shared: “Please don’t call me a musician or writer because I am a music lover only”.  


A fluttering bass note

Truong Ngoc Tuan is Tay ethnic people in Nhan Dinh hamlet, Yen Dinh commune, Son Dong district (Bac Giang province). Miserably, his mother passed away when he was 10 years old.

Amateur musician, Truong Ngoc Tuan, Bac Giang province, Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu, music lover,  romantic and traditional melodies, music composition

Musician Truong Ngoc Tuan (right).

He beloved father took Tuan to many workplaces in the provinces of Cao Bang, Bac Can, Lang Son, Ha Noi, Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen. The shortage of mother care made him respect and closely attached to his father.

Since early schoolday, Tuan has proved a special passion for music. He can sing and learn by heart many songs in different types of Ca tru (ceremonial singing), Cai luong (folk opera), Vong co (traditional tunes)...He often collects the pieces of music and writes the new lyrics.

Truong Ngoc Tuan now has nearly 20 songs about Bac Giang in general and Son Dong in particular. He has created a deep impression on the audience with the Ca tru themed song “Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu”.

After graduating from high school, Tuan decided to follow the Art Department at Bac Giang Intermediate School for Culture, Sports and Tourism. Currently, he is working at the Culture, Information and Sports Center in Son Dong district.

His charm to music at the age of 46 surprised many people with romantic and traditional melodies. He shared that the personal love for Phu Quang music inspires the soaring and roman in his words. It seemed to be his fate to music, Tuan deeply falls in love with each note and melody then starts composing.

Emotion under Yen Tu mountain

There are a few musicians like Truong Ngoc Tuan. He sings and beats suddenly because the melodies and music seem to be his blood then naturally it flows as the spring with full emotion. Tuan is very simple in normal living but he is so serious in music composition.

In 2013, Truong Ngoc Tuan introduced his first soulchild in the journey to the music by the song titled “Ve Dong Cao” (Going to Dong Cao). His music is real and close as the breath of local life and people because it consists of the thinking, sharing, the miserable and emotion he has.

Amateur musician, Truong Ngoc Tuan, Bac Giang province, Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu, music lover,  romantic and traditional melodies, music composition

The song "Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu" of musician Truong Ngoc Tuan.

It was 2017 when his father passed away and Tuan created a great number of songs including Hoai niem cha, Tinh song Thuong, Cho em, Yen Dinh minh thuong, Co ai ve Son Dong chieu nay, Mua xuan xuong hoi Soong hao ...

Recently, several music lovers have reminded the song titled “Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu” (Getting lost in the western land of Yen Tu) which was introduced in the first contest of “Music works about Bac Giang 2018” launched by the provincial People’s Committee. It was warmly welcomed by the audiences and highly evaluated by the professional experts.

It was the journey to Yen Tu sacred mountain years ago that took him to this melody. The song has been lauded and received by many listeners and viewers. Particularly the music video of “Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu’ has reached nearly 2,000 views and comments on Youtube channel.

Also, the People’s Committee in Son Dong district selected the song to be performed at the district Cultural Camp Festival held within the Culture-Tourism Week and Tay Yen Tu Spring Festival 2019.

He is dreaming of a charity music night to bring his works to the audience and call for the donations for the impoverished and disabled children. When being asked how long he will attach to the music, he whispered: “Till my heart no longer beats”.


Photo “Story about Buddhist Emperor” awarded first prize at “7 days to discover sacred land of Tay Yen Tu” photo contest
(BGO) – A ceremony was held on March 15 by the Organization Board of the Spring Festival and first Culture-Tourism Week in the northern province of Bac Giang at the provincial Conventional Center to award the prizes for the photo contest of “7 days to discover the sacred land of Tay Yen Tu”.
Tay Yen Tu tourism complex attracts nearly 40,000 arrivals in Culture-Tourism Week
(BGO) – According to the Management Board of Tay Yen Tu spiritual –ecological tourism complex, the destination welcomed 39,000 tourist arrivals in the Bac Giang provincial Culture-Tourism Week 2019 (taking place from February 14 - 20), 80 percent of which used the cable car to visit Thuong (Upper) pagoda or Linh Thong Thien Tu.
Tay Yen Tu - Prospects for regional tourism connectivity
(BGO) – The Culture-Tourism Week, themed "Exploring the sacred land of Tay Yen Tu", is taking place from February 14-20, 2019 to introduce and promote outstanding cultural values and tourism potential of Bac Giang province, especially the cultural space of the Truc Lam Zen Buddhist sect in Tay Yen Tu (Western Yen Tu) region. From here, new prospects will be opened up for tourism connectivity in Yen Tu region (Quang Ninh - Hai Duong - Bac Giang).
Suoi Mo – famous destination in Tay Yen Tu
(BGO) – Vuc Mo (Mo Canyon) is the old name for the whole complex of Suoi Mo (Mo Spring) landscape and relic site located at the present Nghia Phuong commune, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province. 
Cultural space of Tay Yen Tu to be highlighted
(BGO) - The Tay Yen Tu (Western Yen Tu) Spring Festival and the Culture-Tourism Week 2019 will take place in the next few days. This will be the first time Bac Giang province organizes the Culture-Tourism Week. Therefore, Bac Giang city, districts, departments and agencies concerned are actively preparing for the opening ceremony.

Tuyet Mai

Amateur musician, Truong Ngoc Tuan, Bac Giang province, Lac buoc Tay Yen Tu, music lover, romantic and traditional melodies, music composition
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