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Vietnamese singer's YouTube channel sets global Top 50 subscription pace

Vietnamese Pop singer Jack has been ranked above several global stars to be among top 50 fastest subscribed YouTube channels at the moment.

Jack’s J97 is 31st among the 50 fastest subscribed YouTube channels in the world, according to social media data and statistic site Social Blade.

Jack created J97 on YouTube two months ago and has only uploaded seven videos since, but the channel has already accumulated three million subscribers.

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Jack in his latest concept for the music video "Being A Boy".

In the 31st position, Jack, aka Trinh Tran Phuong Tuan, is placed above pop stars like Billie Eilish (63rd), Justin Bieber (92nd) and Kpop girlgroup Blackpink (144th).

It only took one week for his channel to reach one million subscriptions. His latest music video, "La Mot Thang Con Trai" (Being A Boy) garnered 81 million views in only a month, after it was aired on March 10.

He also became the first solo male singer in Vietnam to reach the 300 million views mark with his hit "Bac Phan" (Ill Fated), a collaboration with singer K-ICM. The duo will soon have another 300-million-view music video with "Song Gio" (Ups and Downs), which currently has 292 million views.

Jack and K-ICM won the Best New Asian Artist at South Korea’s 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards last December.

Phuong Tuan, born in 1997, used to work as a teacher at a primary school, but his passion for music prompted a decision to enter the Vpop scene, and collaborated with singer K-ICM to form the Jack x K-ICM duo. They have since produced hit songs that garnered hundred millions of views on YouTube.

In 2020, Jack decided to go solo with a brand new YouTube channel of his own.

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Source: VnExpress

Vietnamese singer, YouTube channel, global Top 50, subscription pace, Pop singer, Jack, global stars, first solo male singer
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