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Vietnamese music video on Covid-19 makes foreign headlines

The music video “Viet Nam oi! Danh Bay Covid” (Let’s Fight Covid!) from artist and entrepreneur Minh Beta has made headlines in foreign newspapers.

Business Insider in the US ran an article which said that “Businesses have been forced to close during Covid-19 but this Vietnamese entrepreneur released a national hit song to fight the pandemic.”

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Music video "Vietnam oi! Danh Bay Covid" is a music project endorsed by the Ministry of Heath.

The inspiration for the optimistic tune came during Minh Beta’s most difficult time, when all of his 13 Beta Cineplex cinemas were forced to close, it said.

“Instead of being dismayed, Minh Beta decided to fight the pandemic in the most positive way: cheering up the country with an upbeat song,” it wrote. “The move echoes Vietnam’s resilient spirit: keep on fighting and never give up.”

Just a day after its release on March 31, the music video had received millions of views on different platforms and was No. 1 on ZingMP3’s Zingchart, the most popular local music site.

The catchy tune has been officially endorsed by the Ministry of Health to lift the country’s spirits during the fight against the pandemic.

The song is a version of Minh Beta’s Viet Nam Oi! (Dear Vietnam), which he penned for the national football team, with the new lyrics calling on Vietnamese people to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video features Minh Beta, veteran actor Trung Dan, choreographers Quang Dang and Khanh Thi, model Ha Anh, and YouTubers Pom and Quynh Anh Shyn, who encourage people to wash their hands, wear face masks, and report to authorities if their health declines.

They also ask people to stop sharing fake news, stockpiling and hoarding goods, and gathering together in public places.

The music video ends with images cut from the Top 20 videos in the “Hat Len Viet Nam Oi!” (Let’s Sing Together) video contest held by the Ministry of Health.

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Source: VNA 

Vietnamese music video, Covid-19, makes foreign headlines, Viet Nam oi! Danh Bay Covid, Minh Beta, foreign newspapers, Beta Cineplex cinemas
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