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Creating funding for humanitarian TV show

In recent days, information related to the postponement of the TV show “Nhu chua he co cuoc chia ly” (As if separation never existed) has attracted a great attention from the public.

Over the past 13 years of its broadcasting, the programme has brought unforgettable emotions to audiences as a bridge for emotional reunions between those who it seemed impossible would meet again.

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At an edition of the programme "As if separation never existed".

The meticulousness and seriousness during the implementation process as well as the spirit of community connection and deep human values has helped “As if separation never existed” become a humanitarian programme with a strong brand on Vietnam Television. 

Therefore, its postponement has made television viewers feel a great sense of regret. However, it is worth mentioning that the reason for the programme’s ending was not the lack of people who desire to find their lost relatives but the exhaustion of funding.

This fact has made many people question have community-oriented programmes with deep human values not received the pertinent level of attention? It is easily to see the difference in sponsors’ investment into game shows relative to these programmes. 

Game shows have always been considered as attractive “lands” for many brands because they are broadcasted at prime time. As a result, they have attracted great attention from young audiences.

Meanwhile, humanitarian programmes have required meticulous investment but they have focused on audiences who were not considered potential customers for the enterprises. Therefore, it was difficult to attract advertisement and sponsorship. And of course, it was inevitable broadcasters would prioritise the gameshows. 

The final goal and task of television in particular and the media in general is after all the expression of diverse topics, in terms of humanity and education. Therefore, it is crucial to calculate how to promote community-oriented programmes. First of all, the programmers should change the way they raise funds instead of relying only on revenue from advertisements.

It is known that after sending a message “calling for help”, the organising board of the programme “As if separation never existed” received much enthusiastic support from community.

Many artists, such as singer Ha Anh Tuan, MC Phan Anh and comic actress Viet Huong, made great contributions and mobilised sponsors. Many TV viewers in the country and abroad expressed their aspiration to form a separate fund for the programme. 

Youth Union launches “humanitarian porridge pot” at Bac Giang Traditional Medicine Hospital
(BGO)- Implementing the direction of the provincial Youth Union on carrying out activities under the theme “Bac Giang youth joins hands to win Covid-19 pandemic”, the youth union of the provincial public agencies  on May 5 collaborated with the youth union of the provincial Business Association to organize the programme “humanitarian porridge pots - a thousand meals, a million emotions” at the provincial Traditional Medicine Hospital. 
Vietnam chairs UNSC meeting on humanitarian situation in Syria
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) met in New York on January 29 to discuss the humanitarian situation in Syria, under the chair of Vietnam that holds the council’s presidency in January.
Humanitarian box helps widespread humanity in society
(BGO) – The Red Cross Society (RCS) in the northern province of Bac Giang has actively coordinated with the agencies and enterprises in the province to widely spread the “Humanitarian box”, which is a meaningful activity to call for various sources to share and help the needy cases to conquer the life challenges.  
Launching “Humanitarian box”
(BGO) – The Red Cross Society (RCS) in the northern province of Bac Giang has placed the “Humanitarian Box” at the provincial Obstetrics and Paediatrics Hospital, the twentieth of this kind launched by the RCS in the Humanitarian Month.
Humanitarian Month launched nationwide for first time
The 2019 Month for Humanitarian Activities was launched in Hanoi on May 11, and this is also the first time this programme has been held at the national scale.

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Creating funding, humanitarian TV show, As if separation never existed, Nhu chua he co cuoc chia ly, great attention, unforgettable emotions, Vietnam Television
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