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Stamp issued to commemorate battle of Bach Dang in 1288

The Ministry of Communications and Information has issued a postage stamp to commemorate the Tran Dynasty’s victory over the Yuan-Mongol invaders at the battle of Bach Dang in 1288.

The stamp, designed by painter Nguyen Du, was unveiled on July 18 at a ceremony in Quang Ninh Province, where the battle took place.

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The stamp depicting the battle of Bach Dang in 12.

It recreates the battle on Bach Dang River over 700 years ago when scores of Yuan-Mongol ships were pierced by iron-tipped wooden stakes as the tidal water receded.

To the powerful sound of war drums, the Tran army attacked and set the enemy’s ships on fire, throwing the adversaries into chaos.

The stamp also shows a map of the battle and depicts a Vietnamese general riding a horse as he commands the soldiers and people to repulse the Yuan-Mongol forces.

The illustration was created with warm colours to represent the seething power of the Tran army in one of the largest naval battles in Vietnamese history.

The stamp will be available on the postal network from now until June 2022.

From 1958 to 2019, Vietnam Post issued 15 stamp sets on Quang Ninh Province, including a two-stamp set issued in 1988 depicting the battle of Bach Dang to mark its 700th anniversary.

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Stamp, commemorate, battle of Bach Dang, postage stamp, Tran Dynasty’s victory, iron-tipped wooden stakes, largest naval battles
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