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Mountainside villa village in Bac Giang

(BGO) - More than 10 years ago, no one thought Me village, Nghia Trung commune (Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province) would change like today, with concrete road leading to each alley, crowded cars, and spacious villas close to each other. Nguyen Van Tho, the village head, affirmed: "It is all thanks to construction and fish trading".

Mountainside villa village ,  Bac Giang

A corner of Me village

Drinking a sip of tea, Tho said that Me village years ago was quite deserted with large area and inhabitants scattered on the mountain slopes. Rough roads and poor fields made people here live in hunger and poverty all year round despite hard work. In the early 1990s, some villagers began to work as masons, and then almost all people in the village to engage in this profession. Over time, with their accumulated experience, they became famous construction contractors in the region. The village has 324 households, half of them have members working as contractors. A contractor leads a group of six workers or more. Some families have all members doing this job. In addition, about 30 households are involved in fish trading.

Mountainside villa village ,  Bac Giang

A spacious house in Me village.

According to the village head, the person who launched the movement of working as mason in this pure rural village is Pham Van Tiu (born in 1953). Visiting the house of the "predecessor" of the construction workers in Me village, the first impression is a spacious two-storey villa with a large front yard.

The village has 324 households, half of them have members working as construction contractors. A contractor leads a group of six workers or more. In some families, all members engage in the profession. In addition, there are about 30 households involving in fish trading.

In 2012, Tiu built the first spacious two-storey house in Me village. The workers led by him in the past years have become seniors in the field in the region. Now they cannot remember how many houses and works they have built. “In the past, my family was very poor, income from farming was not enough to make ends meet. We only know that thanks to construction, the family's life has improved. My family has six brothers, all of us are construction workers, then contractors,” said Pham Van Chien, who boasts over 30 years working as a mason.

Not only getting rich from the above job, with the mindset of "no trading, no richness", many people in Me village have bought fish in the area, then sought consumers and sold to wholesalers. A famous fish trader in the region is the couple Nguyen Van Quynh (born in 1963) and Nguyen Thi Luong (born in 1963). On average, they earn a profit of nearly 1 billion VND (43,000 USD) each year from the general business model.

Mountainside villa village ,  Bac Giang

Many households in the village get rich thanks to raising and trading commercial fish.

Me village has been given a facelift. Looking at the villas and high-rise buildings close to each other here, everyone admires. All are made by the hands of the villagers.

After establishing the prestige and brand name, many workers in Me village have set up construction teams to contribute to developing the profession. Currently, about half of the households in the village have members working as contractors who lead the teams. On average, each group has 5-20 workers who are locals and those from the surrounding areas. The income of each main worker is 10-16 million VND (430-689 USD) per month (excluding meals). In many families, children have followed their parents to do this job, proactively making changes to meet market demand.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. The people of Me village have actively found business directions and strived to build a new life. When they are rich, they return to contribute to the homeland. Last year, besides the State's support, villagers told each other to donate money (more than 700,000 VND per person), land, and workdays to complete the last kilometers of concrete roads in the village, making the village clean and beautiful.

The groups of construction workers in Me village, despite working in every corner of the country, are willing to contribute to the homeland. Most of the welfare works in the village were constructed by them. In 2018, the village rebuilt Phuong Hoang Pagoda. All joined hands to beautify the homeland.

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Do Quyen - Hoai Thu

Mountainside villa village , Bac Giang
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