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Bac Giang: Lang Son bombax ceiba recognized as ancient tree with historical-cultural value

(BGO) – A bombax ceiba standing next to Ba Co (Ms. Co) shrine in Tan My village, Lang Son commune, Yen Dung district (Bac Giang province) has officially become "the ancient tree of historical-cultural value".

The Vietnam Ornamental Creature Association has just issued a decision recognizing the bombax ceiba near Ba Co shrine (often called the Lang Son bombax ceiba) as "the ancient tree of historical-cultural value".

Bac Giang, Lang Son bombax ceiba ,  ancient tree, historical-cultural value

Lang Son bombax ceiba.

This tree has been standing for more than 100 years, on the edge of the dike by the Thuong River in Tan My village, Lang Son commune (Yen Dung district). Next to the tree is Ba Co shrine.

Legend has it that Ba Co is a general of farmer hero Hoang Hoa Tham. One time she took troops to protect Phu Lang Thuong area, she was chased and surrounded by the enemy. Not accepting being arrested by the enemy, she stepped into the Thuong River. Her body was washed into the area where the bombax ceiba now stands and buried by local people. Ba Co shrine was named following that story.

According to the appraisal document of Bac Giang's Ornamental Creature Association, the tree is 27.5m high, with its canopy covering 120sq.m and its trunk diameter measuring 2.4m. This is a beautiful ancient tree, considered the cultural heart of the whole countryside.

In recent years, along with the development of society, the area where Lang Son bombax ceiba stands has become one of the attractive destinations for many people inside and outside Yen Dung district.

The romantic and peaceful beauty of the bombax ceiba, especially in the second and third lunar months every year - when its flowers are in full bloom - attracts many visitors from other provinces to come to contemplate and take photos.

According to the management board of Tan My village, during the time when the bombax ceiba flowers are blooming, this place lures about 5,000 visitors.

Vice Chairman of the Lang Son commune People's Committee Vu Tri Van said recognizing the great value of the bombax ceiba for the cultural and spiritual life of the people, the committee has instructed the management board of Tan My village to take measures to manage, protect and implement a project to develop tourism related to the bombax ceiba and Ba Co shrine, thus further promoting the value of this unique tourist site.

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Bac Giang, Lang Son bombax ceiba , ancient tree, historical-cultural value
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