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Vietnam Day of Book and Reading Culture widespreads love for book

(BGO) – After 8 years to be launched and held in Bac Giang province, Vietnam Book Day (currently Vietnam Day of Book and Reading Culture) April 21 becomes annual important event and beautiful culture in the community, especially to book lovers. 

Attracting the readers

At the provincial Library, the Department of Information and Communication (DoIC) on April 16 coordinated with the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Education and Training as well as relevant agencies to open Vietnam Day for Book and Reading Culture 2021.

Vietnam Day, Book and Reading Culture, love for book, Bac Giang province, beautiful culture, better life

Teacher and students at Tran Phu Secondary School (Bac Giang city) select books at the festival themed “Each youth makes friend with a book”.

This year event introduced many new features with various activities of exhibiting, displaying, introducing books and documentaries about the provincial history and culture, political, economic, cultural and social achievements, launching “Book reading club”...

Director of the provincial Library Nguyen Dac Hong said: “The provincial Library created an open space with a storage of 10,000 books to serve readers for free. Also, we provide free reading card to book lovers from now till the end of April 2021 while many publishing houses and companies are exhibiting and introducing their books at several booths here”.

According to DoIC Director Tran Minh Chieu, the event organization not only honored the books, value of knowledge; affirmed its role in the social life but also had humanity meaning, promoted moral value and studious tradition of the nation, boosted the reading culture and studying encouraging movement.

During 3 day event (from April 16 - 18), many teachers, students, parents and book lovers visited the booths and read books at the provincial Library. Many schools and families launched several activities to respond to the occasion.

For recent years, library system has been widely developed with 1 library at provincial level, 10 at district level, 55 at communal levels, 587 bookcases at villages hamlets and residential areas with over 300,000 books and documentaries of all kinds, 512 at schools and friendly bookcases at the classrooms to store and serve more than 3 million books, stories, school books, reference books, newspapers, magazines for teachers and students.

At the same time, the legal libraries and bookcases are opened at various organization such as provincial Public Security, Military Command, youth union, Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University...Besides, the publishing network with 93 falicities issues more than 1.5 million books every year to gradually meet the demand of book buying and reading.

Since 2013, Bac Giang province has held nearly 1,000 festivals of book reading, exhibition and introduction with different themes.

Reading book helps us live better

The special feature of this year event was the talk show “Reading culture in the information era” at the provincial Library with Pr.Dr. People’s Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung as the host which attracted more than 300 students from several local high schools.

Vietnam Day, Book and Reading Culture, love for book, Bac Giang province, beautiful culture, better life

Teacher and students at Tang Tien Primary School (Viet Yen district) read book at school library.

According to Pr. Nguyen Lan Dung, book was not only the friend but also a spiritual dish so we must select it carefully. We should choose healthy food without any hazardous ingredient. Books provided us knowledge and nurtured our souls. Reading books helped us live better and happier.

Not only in the province, Vietnam Day for Book and Reading Culture this year received due attention from many Central organizations. On April 18, Vietnam Central Youth Federation coordinated with the provincial Youth Federation to hold a festival themed “Each youth makes friend with a book” at the provincial Ethnic Boarding School in response of the Day. The festival drew more than 500 teachers and youth members in the province.

Vietnam Day for Book and Reading Culture this year created deep imprint on book lovers, helping enhance awareness, widespread reading culture in community to build a developed country.


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Vietnam Day, Book and Reading Culture, love for book, Bac Giang province, beautiful culture, better life
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