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Bac Giang to restore Goc Khe temple relic

(BGO) – The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has agreed to implement the Project to restore and embellish Goc Khe temple relic in Nha Nam town, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province).

It features major items of main temple, altar curtain, shelters for Deceased Spinster and Bachelor, secluded hut to burn joss paper, new stele to mark the event, campus, yard, garden, surrounding wall and technical infrastructure, guest house and canteen which will be constructed in line with the professional regulations about relic restoration.

Bac Giang province, Goc Khe temple relic, Yen The Uprising, relic restoration, main temple, altar curtain, traditional history

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Nha Nam town People’s Committee is assigned as the project investor. Previously, the provincial People’s Committee submitted report to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposing to verify this project.

Goc Khe temple belongs to Yen The Uprising special national relic which worships Mother and Lord Tran Quoc Tuan as well as used to be the operational place of many generals and soldiers of Yen The army. Many items have been degrated for long time.

The project is executed in line with ancient method to ensure long duration of the relic, complete the landscape architecture space to make it become a spiritual cultural destination for local people and help educate traditional history of the area.


Cong Doanh
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Bac Giang province, Goc Khe temple relic, Yen The Uprising, relic restoration, main temple, altar curtain, traditional history
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