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Designer holds record for traditional food fashion

Minh Cong is recognized as the first Vietnamese to design clothing using Mekong Delta cuisine.

Cong has been recognized by Vietnam Record Association after introducing a collection of fashion illustrations inspired by food from Mekong Delta like banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), banh da lon (steamed layer cakes), and banh beo (steamed rice cake), etc.

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Cong’s illustration depicts a model wearing a dress made of banh xeo (R).

According to Cong, he was inspired while staying in his hometown of Vinh Long, located in Mekong Delta, during the recent Covid lockdown.

Receiving his award from Vietnam Record Association on Nov. 16, Cong said: "During the months when I returned to my hometown in Vinh Long Province to avoid the pandemic, in my spare time, I came up with the idea and implemented it, with the help of my parents. I did not expect to have a lot of support. This motivated me to stick with my career."

He made a mannequin of paper, set it against a backdrop of banana leaves from his garden, and then created colorful gowns out of traditional food.

With banh xeo, he uses the yellow color of the dish to form a skirt layer, with the bottom of the skirt being the green color of lettuce, herbs, and bean sprouts.

Banh tam khoai mi (steamed cassava cakes) were used to create a colorful gown with tassels. The white shredded coconut lends the outfit softness and flexibility.

Cong, 26, graduated from Saigon-based Hong Bang International University, majoring in fashion design. He has designed many outfits for Vietnamese models and celebs.

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Source: VnExpress

Designer Minh Cong, holds record, traditional food fashion, design clothing, Mekong Delta cuisine, fashion illustrations
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