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Preservation of Lo Lo ethnic minority culture associated with tourism development

A ceremony was held in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang on February 23 to inaugurate a community house and review the project on the preservation of the Lo Lo ethnic minority group in Khuoi Khon Hamlet, Kim Cuc Commune, Bao Lac District.

Khuoi Khon is a community-based tourism village that maintains many unique cultural identities of the Lo Lo ethnic minority group. In recent years, the locality has been attracting large numbers of domestic and foreign visitors.

Preservation, Lo Lo ethnic minority culture, tourism development, community-based tourism village, unique cultural identities, domestic and foreign visitors

An art performance of Lo Lo ethnic minority people in Khuoi Khon hamlet, Kim Cuc commune, Cao Bang province.

From the funding of the Programme for cultural development, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism allocated 5 billion VND to improve the efficiency of preservation of the tangible and intangible cultural values of the Lo Lo ethnic minority group.

The project consists of various activities including the construction of a community house in Khuoi Khon Hamlet, the preservation of the traditional Lo Lo house and the collection and teaching of their folk dances and songs.

In addition, the traditional weddings and rituals to pray for rain of the Lo Lo ethnic people were researched, reproduced and preserved. Their traditional handicrafts, such as weaving and knitting, were developed. Various traditional dishes and folk games were promoted to visitors.

At the community house, bronze drums, traditional customs, wooden toys and working tools of the Lo Lo people are on display, helping visitors learn more about the cultural identity of the ethnic minority group.

The local people were trained on the development of sustainable community-based tourism, towards improving the quality of their homestays, raising their awareness of environmental protection and preserving intangible and tangible cultural values.

Tet celebration customs of ethnic minorities
(BGO) - Ethnic minorities in Bac Giang province have unique ways to celebrate the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) and the Spring. Now, although those customs have changed, becoming simpler, but the traditional beauty is still kept intact.
A girl of Nung ethnic group wins Luong Dinh Cua award
(BGO) - After nearly 5 years of startup, Thien Phu Agricultural Production, Trade and Service Cooperative (Thien Phu Cooperative) of Nong Thi Hue (born in 1992), belonging to Nung ethnic minority group in Hong Ky commune, Yen The district, Bac Giang province has been in stable operation. Recently, Hue won Luong Dinh Cua award honoring outstanding young people in rural areas by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee.
Preserving the treasures of ethnic minority people
(BGO) - Bac Giang is a mountainous province located in the Northeast region, with a terrain combining mountains, midlands and plains. In addition to the Kinh people, Bac Giang is also home to many ethnic minority communities. The interweaving between ethnic groups is the dominant feature of Bac Giang culture.
Unique New Year celebration customs of H’mong ethnic community in Son La
H’mong ethnic community in northwestern region, including Son La Province, celebrate their tradition New Year (Tet) festival on the first days of the 12th lunar month. The three-day festival includes many unique customs which have been observed by the H’mong people for generations.
Exhibition on ethnic, religious affairs opens in Bac Giang
A photo and document exhibition on ethnic and religious affairs was opened at the museum of northern Bac Giang province on December 7.

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Preservation, Lo Lo ethnic minority culture, tourism development, community-based tourism village, unique cultural identities, domestic and foreign visitors
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