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Vietnamese young people play their part in reviving culture

Several agencies have recently signed an agreement to create a forum entitled “Young people with cultural revival in the digital age”, aiming to raise the youth’s understanding about the role of culture, especially in the digital space.

The activity aims to realise the Vietnamese cultural development strategy until 2030.

The forum will include major topics such as enhancing awareness on the role of the cultural industry, the depiction of Vietnamese culture on digital platforms, the internet space, and young people’s mission to safeguard the cultural frontier.

Vietnamese young people, play their part, reviving culture, digital space, Vietnamese cultural development strategy, cultural frontier

Young people in traditional Vietnamese attires.

The topics will be discussed in the form of talk shows to be aired on Vietnam Television with the participation of Youth Union members, experts, regulators, scientists, artists, businesspeople, intellectuals and cultural item producers.

Such activities will act as an effective policy advisory channel so as to create a healthy cultural development environment in the spirit of the 13th Party Congress’s resolution and the National Culture Conference in November 2021.

Digital technology has brought about many benefits to cultural consumers, especially young people, but it also comes with negative consequences. If cultural junk is not cleaned up, it will distort the fine cultural values that our forefathers have cultivated and safeguarded for today and future generations.

The cultural revival movement initiated by the Vietnamese Party and State is an enormous challenge. Through the forum, the overall picture of Vietnam culture will be looked at more thoroughly. It is also easier to identify the position of Vietnamese culture on the global map, from which urgent solutions will be set out to realise the goal of making the cultural industry contribute 7% of GDP by 2030.

Furthermore, it is highly necessary to identify the importance and impact of the online space and cross-border services in protecting culture in the new period, helping to shape and develop the lifestyle and character of young people in the technological age.

Culture is the essence of a nation and the passport to affirm the face, image and capability of a nation on the path of international integration. The cultural revival movement must always start from the central factor of humans, especially that of young people because they have the greatest vitality in creating and enjoying culture and their behaviours have a profound influence on the community’s cultural behaviours.

The “Young people with cultural revival in the digital age” forum is the opportunity for young people to raise their voices in the building, development and revival of Vietnamese culture as it faces both positive and negative impacts. The results of this forum will contribute to the perfection of laws on culture and help to safeguard and promote cultural development in the right direction in the digital age.

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Source: NDO

Vietnamese young people, play their part, reviving culture, digital space, Vietnamese cultural development strategy, cultural frontier
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