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Talented "child artists"

(BGO) - Mentioning Le Nhu Quynh and Nguyen Bao Nam (both born in 2009) at the Folklore Club of Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province), many people know that they are famous "child artists" on folk culture and music playgrounds in and outside the province.

Quan ho child female singer

Le Nhu Quynh was born in Nguyen village, Trung Son commune (Viet Yen). Her father works as a farmer, and her mother is a worker. Discovering that Quynh has a talent for singing quan ho (love duet), when she was in grade 4, the school's official in charge of children’s work introduced her to participate in activities at the Viet Yen district Folklore Club.

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Le Nhu Quynh and Nguyen Bao Nam share skills in performing folk art.

With the enthusiastic and thorough guidance of the management board and quan ho artisans in the club, the teachers of the Bac Giang Intermediate School of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Quynh has made more and more progress. Currently, she can perform more than 20 ancient quan ho songs such as: "Dai cay" (going to grow rice), "Vao chua" (Visiting a pagoda), "Tren rung 36 thu chim", (There are 36 species of birds in the forest), "Ly cay da" (the song of banyan tree)...

Duong Thi Hoai Thu, deputy director of the district Center for Culture, Information and Sports and chairwoman of the club, commented that "Quynh is a smart, pretty, gentle girl with a beautiful and resonating voice. She has a very good music perception and a confident and graceful performance style. Many ancient quan ho melodies are difficult to express, but with burning her passion and great efforts, she mastered them, asserting herself."

In recent years, Quynh has left her marks in many major competitions and festivals inside and outside the province, with the first prize at the Bac Giang Quan Ho Festival 2019; a bronze medal at the 2020 National Son Ca Festival organized by Radio the Voice of Vietnam; and the second prize in a quan ho competition for young kids in 2021...

Currently, she is the head of the children’s team at the Trung Son Secondary School and the core of the school's art performance movement. Quynh hopes to become an artist and lecturer in the future, teaching quan ho for students and young people, thus making contributions to preserving and promoting the value of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Bamboo flute talent

Nguyen Bao Nam has just finished grade 7 at the Than Nhan Trung Secondary School (Viet Yen). When he was small, he went to the pagoda with his mother, who bought him a flute as a souvenir. He showed interest in this unique musical instrument. 

Having a talent in music, combined with his efforts to self-study playing the flute online, he quickly knew how to play the flute. In his spare time, the sound of the flute resounds in the house of the little student. The boy is so passionate that when he sleeps, he also keeps the flute beside him, considering it a close friend.

In 2018, through the introduction of an acquaintance, Bao Nam attended an advanced flute playing course taught by Meritorious Artist Duc Lien - a famous flute player in the music world who is former head of the Department of Traditional Instruments of the Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theater.

With a quite professional playing style, the works performed by Bao Nam are inspirational and attractive to listeners. In particular, he excellently performed species that were developed and renewed by musicians on old music materials. Bao Nam's flute-playing videos were posted on Youtube, attracting the attention of thousands of fans.

In addition to the forte of playing bamboo flute, Bao Nam also plays very well other musical instruments such as H'Mong flute, tieu (vertical flute), gourd flute and lip lute with many different musical genres.

Since 2018, Bao Nam has participated in many programmes and contests, winning a number of high prizes such as "Tiny talent" on VTV3 channel in 2018 (ranking 2nd in the top five); the A prize at the National Art Festival for Young Children in the North in 2019; the A prize at the singing contest featuring works about Bac Giang in 2018 and 2022; and a silver cup at a contest seeking young talents in Bac Giang province in 2019.

Not only good at playing the flute, Bao Nam also has a passion for History. He is loved by teachers and friends. Since the 1st grade, he has continuously won the title of excellent student.

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Talented child artists, Bac Giang province, child artists, folk culture, music playgrounds, Folklore Club of Viet Yen district, Le Nhu Quynh, Nguyen Bao Nam
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