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Exhibition honours ancient ships and national treasures

An exhibition, themed “The quintessence of heritages from ancient ships and national treasures”, was held in the central province of Quang Ngai on August 6.

The exhibition was part of activities within the framework of the forum on linking tourism development between the Central Key Economic Region and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Exhibition, ancient ships, national treasures, quintessence of heritages, linking tourism development,  sea routes and ports

The exhibition attracts a large number of visitors.

According to Deputy Director of Quang Ngai provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bui Van Tien, Vietnam is a country with a coastline stretching from north to south, so it had a particularly important position in international trade.

Therefore, many sea routes and ports in the coastal areas of Vietnam became the transhipment point of goods, as well as the stopping points for ships from many different countries. The historical documents and archaeological investigation results showed that trading ports have been developed since ancient times.

Through the unearthed specimens, it can be confirmed that central Vietnam held an important position in Asia during the age of the Marine Silk Road.

Several underwater archaeological excavations in the central waters of Vietnam have found many ancient wrecked ships with thousands of artefacts.

Quang Ngai Provincial General Museum now preserves nearly 300 artefacts, which were goods on ancient merchant ships discovered in the central waters of Vietnam, and many others collected by the Cultural Heritage Association of Quang Ngai province.

With many valuable artefacts, the exhibition will help visitors to have many surprising emotions, said Tien. He also noted that ancient shipwreck relics found in the central waters of Vietnam in general and Quang Ngai, in particular, have demonstrated the brilliant development in the exchange of maritime culture throughout the past.

On the occasion, visitors had the chance to admire the unique beauty of three national treasures which are preserved at the Quang Ngai Provincial General Museum, including a statue of a Champa monk in Phu Hung, dated between the 9th-10th century, the collection of Long Thanh terracotta vases, and the collection of Tra Veo 3 and Lam Thuong gold jewellery dated between 10th-12th century.

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Exhibition, ancient ships, national treasures, quintessence of heritages, linking tourism development, sea routes and ports
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