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'The Sandman' inspired by Vietnam's Golden Bridge

The image of a bridge appearing in The Sandman, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic series, was inspired from the Golden Bridge in Da Nang, the moviemaker has confirmed.

Ian Markiewicz, a visual effects supervisor, told that Vietnam's Golden Bridge was the source of inspiration for the design of the two-handed bridge that character Martin Tenbones rows across in the opening scenes of the film.

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The bridge with two supporting hands appears in the opening scene of American TV series "The Sandman".

Many Vietnamese viewers were surprised to see the bridge with two supporting hands that connects with the castle of Morpheus, because it seemed similar to the Golden Bridge in Da Nang.

Vietnamese netizens were also happy about it, saying it would promote Vietnam’s tourism image among the international community.

Designed by architect Vu Viet Anh and his team, the bridge at the Ba Na Hills Resort in the Truong Son mountain range, is 150 meters long and 12.8 meters wide. It is held up by giant hands made of fiberglass and mesh wire.

The bridge gained global fame soon after it opened in June 2018, attracting extensive media coverage and drawing visitors from all over the world.

"The Sandman" is an American fantasy drama television series based on the comic book of the same name written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics.

All 10 episodes of The Sandman were released on August 5 and it was one of the most-watched movies on Netflix last week.

"The movie follows the king of dreams Morpheus, played by a brooding, gothic Tom Sturridge, as he travels to Hell and back again, discovering how fears, pain and hope drive the paradoxical essence of humanity," a movie blurb says.

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Source: VnExpress

The Sandman, Vietnam's Golden Bridge, image of a bridge, moviemaker, source of inspiration, tourism image, international community
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