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Viral video creates new TikTok trends

Hoa Minzy’s new viral music video “Thi Mau” has prompted TikTok trends in which users play the song in their videos and recreate the main character’s look.

The song "Thi Mau" is based on a female character of the same name in the narrative poem "Quan Am Thi Kinh", a popular work of Vietnamese literature. She is depicted as a bold and beautiful, yet unfortunate woman.

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Singer Hoa Minzy with the concept for her song "Thi Mau".

After releasing the music video for "Thi Mau" on YouTube on Mar. 5, Hoa Minzy uploaded a short clip on TikTok of her gradual transformation from an unattractive woman to the beautiful Thi Mau.

The TikTok clip quickly went viral and garnered over 2.3 million views. It also set a trend on the platform with more than 44,800 people using the song for their videos, and many famous TikTokers recreating the Thi Mau transformation using their own makeup style and fashion sense.

The Thi Mau transformation video trend is among the current top searches on TikTok. Many people also complimented the song for its fusion of traditional and modern music.

"I can’t stop listening to this song. The transformation videos made it even better. It’s nice to see Hoa Minzy embracing Vietnamese traditional music with a modern touch," TikTok user Huong Lee commented.

"I have seen many Thi Mau transformation videos but the original version is still the best. Hoa Minzy is stunning and the transition is so smooth," user Tam Nhat Xu commented.

"Thi Mau" is composed by musician Nguyen Hoang Phong and produced by Masew. The song incorporates elements of cheo (Vietnamese satirical musical theatre) and electronic music, along with a catchy hook and humorous lyrics that are based on the narrative of character Thi Mau. The music video for the song has attracted 10 million views and is currently number two on YouTube Vietnam Trending.

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Source: VnExpress

Viral video, new TikTok trends, Hoa Minzy, new viral music video, Thi Mau, play the song, main character’s look, Vietnamese literature
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