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Vietnamese actress Ngo Thanh Van stars in Hollywood movie

Vietnamese actress Ngo Thanh Van will play a half-human, half-robot in upcoming Hollywood film “The Creator.”

Van, 44, is seen in the official trailer for the upcoming picture, directed by Gareth Edwards, the director behind "Godzilla."

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Ngo’s styling in "The Creator."

She plays Kami, a half-human, half-robot in a post-apocalypse world. The film went into production last year, but Ngo hasn’t revealed any details about her appearance.The trailer, released on Wednesday, reveals the main plot, involving an AI created to protect humans, which soon becomes a threat to mankind.

The government classifies it as dangerous and forms a special force to shut it down. Joshua, a special force agent, played by John David Washington, discovers that the machines have taken on a new form.

After her film "Thanh Soi" (Furies) didn’t perform as well as expected, Ngo revealed that she was focusing on international projects. She has finished shooting "The Old Guard 2," in which she co-stars with Charlize Theron.

"I don’t expect to have much screen time, as there are nine main characters featured, which means the story has to be carefully arranged. I’m just happy that I got the chance to work with several stars and a professional crew," Ngo said.

Ngo moved to Norway with her mother when she was 16, before returning to Vietnam and starting her career in the entertainment industry in 1999.

She has appeared in various domestic and Hollywood movies, including "Dong Mau Anh Hung" (The Rebel), "Bay Rong" (Clash), "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny," and "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

In 2015, she started working as a movie producer.

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Source: VnExpress

Vietnamese actress, Ngo Thanh Van, Hollywood movie, half-human, half-robot, The Creator, official trailer, Gareth Edwards, Godzilla
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