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Preserving cultural identities associated with tourism development

(BGO) - Son Dong is a highland district with 30 ethnic groups including 57 percent of ethnic minorities. Each ethnic group has its own tradition. The district has worked out a number of schemes and plans to preserve and promote the traditional cultural identities attached to tourism development.



70 percent of the population in Le Vien commune belongs to San Chi ethnic group, which owns many types of intangible culture such as language, script, embroider, dancing and folk songs. In early this year, Le Vien was funded 180 million VND (7,663 USD) to recover and preserve the Tac xinh dance and Song co folk songs in line with Lanh communal house festival. 

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San Chi ethnic people’s Tac xinh dance.

Accordingly, the locality will open classes to teach Tac xinh dance and Song co singing to 60 learners who are students, youth and women’s unionists. Besides, the people’s committee of Le Vien commune has recovered the traditional festival of Lanh communal house and revived the cultural and living cultural space of the San Chi people including Tac xinh dance.

Crop fertility rite is a spiritual ritual attached to cultural life of the Red Dao in Van Son commune. Over the years, crop fertility rite (or happiness rite) has been preserved by generations of the Dao in Na Hin village, Van Son commune. Before the rituals, each family will donate wine, rice, paper, chicken, pork or cash to buy necessary stuff.

According to many old people in Na Hin village, in order to pay tribute to the gods of the forest, mountain, heaven and earth, every 3 years, the Dao people perform rituals to the sun (shining in daytime) and the moon (shining in nighttime) in line with agricultural tools like knife, hoe, hammer and wood. The rituals last one day and night to wish for bumper crops, well-grown buffalo, cow, pig and chicken without any epidemic and prosperous families.

“We are building Na Hin into a community-based tourism site which is expected to come into operation in late this year. Currently, the commune is speeding up the construction progress to upgrade and expand the roads to the village, build welcome gate, tourist sign and tourist reception location with the culinary products like traditional wine, 6-feet chicken and fermented pork in bamboo tube”, said Chu Van Binh, Chairman of the people’s committee of Van Son commune.

Annually, the district people’s committee prioritizes investing in building cultural institutions, facilities and establishing traditional cultural and artist groups and clubs.

In 2022, the district people’s committee issued the Scheme on “preserving and promoting cultural heritages of the ethnic groups in Son Dong district in 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2030”. Accordingly, apart from the Tay Yen Tu historical relic and landscape submitted to rank as a special national relic site, the district has collaborated with the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to build documentation to request for enlisting the rowing festival in An Chau town as a national intangible cultural heritage, recover the legends of Gieng Tien (Fairy Well) and Hon Da Di in the campus of the Tay Yen Tu spiritual and ecological tourism complex, revive Sinh ca singing festival of the Cao Lan and make cap sac ritual of Dao ethnic people into an art.

Besides, the district will maintain Then singing and Dan tinh (gourd lute) festival of Tay ethnic group and Sloong hao singing of Nung ethnic group in line with highland traditional markets. The locality will bring Then singing and Dan tinh into extra-curricular training in primary and secondary schools of Van Son, An Lac, Huu San and Le Vien communes.

Defining unique cultural values of the ethnic groups in the district as a driving force for socio-economic development, especially tourism development, the district pays attention to preserving the cultural identities and creating unique and attractive tourism products while recovering and reviving many traditional customs and practices of the ethnic minorities.


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Preserving cultural identities, Bac Giang province, tourism development, highland district, traditional cultural identities, tourism development, socio-economic development
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