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Vietnamese cuisine introduced at Embassy Festival in Netherlands

The Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands joined the embassies of nearly 60 countries at the Embassy Festival which was held in The Hague on September 2.

This year’s edition, held by event organiser Prooost, the administration of The Hague and the embassies, attracted more than 10,000 visitors.

Vietnamese cuisine, Embassy Festival, Netherlands, traditional dishes,  agricultural products,

The Vietnamese booth at the festival.

At the festival, Vietnam displayed its traditional dishes such as Vietnamese baguettes and spring rolls as well as agricultural products, including tea, coffee, green bean cakes, spices, fresh coconut juice and eco-friendly products like straws from natural materials.

In particular, Vietnamese pomelos were introduced to local residents for the first time.

The Vietnamese booth, along with those of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Laos, left strong impressions on participants.

To enhance connections between diplomatic representative agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium, the Diplomat Magazine coordinated with the event organisers to hold a Culture Parade, which was highly evaluated and participated by a large number of diplomatic agencies.

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Source: VNA

Vietnamese cuisine, Embassy Festival, Netherlands, traditional dishes, agricultural products,
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