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Additional 22 artifacts gain “national treasure” status

The Prime Minister has signed a decision to designate 22 valuable items as “national treasures”, the seventh batch earning recognition this year. 

Here's the rundown of the newly recognized treasures:

Prime Minister, 22 valuable items, national treasures, Dau Ram pottery jar, Golden lotus-flower-shaped box

Golden lotus-flower-shaped box at Ngoa Van Pagoda on Yen Tu Mountain recognized as a national treasure.

1. Dau Ram pottery jar dated to the late Phung Nguyen period (3,400-3,000 years ago) and now preserved at Quang Ninh Museum, Quang Ninh province.

2. A collection of Long Thanh terra-cotta pots dated to more than 3,300 years ago and housed by Quang Ngai Museum, Quang Ngai province.

3. Statue of Champa monk in Phu Hung relic site dated to between 9th-10th century.

4. Pha Long bronze drum, dating back to the Dong Son culture 2,500-2,000 years ago, kept at Lao Cai Museum.

5. Wooden burial jar with bronze drum as lid in Phu Chanh site, kept at Binh Duong province’s museum. The bronze drum is dated to 2nd-1st century BC while the wooden burial jar is dated around 2,100 years ago.

6. Nhon Thanh Buddha statue dated at between 4th-6th century in Can Tho city

7. Nhon Thanh pottery jar dated at 5th century in Can Tho city

8. A set of stone Linga-Yoni dated at 5th-6th century housed by An Giang Museum

9. Giong Xoai Brahma God statue dated at 6th-7th century, preserved at An Giang Museum

10. Vung Liem Vishnu God statue dated to 6th-7th century in An Giang Museum

11. Son Tho-Tra Vinh Buddha statue dated to 6th-7th century and now housed by Ho Chi Minh City History Museum

12. Duong Le Uma statue dated to 9th-10th century in Quang Tri Museum

13. A 15th century statue of Shiva at Linh Son pagoda in Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province

14. Thousand-Hand and Thousand-Eye Guanyin statue dated to 19th century, preserved at Me So Pagoda, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province.

15. Dong Duong altar objects dated to 9th-10th century, kept at Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

16. Golden lotus-flower-shaped box at Ngoa Van Pagoda on Yen Tu Mountain, dated to 14th century and preserved at Quang Ninh Museum.

17. “Sung thientu bi” stele dated to 1331, preserved at Dau Pagoda, Nhat Tan commune, Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province

18. Glazed ceramic tower at Tro Pagoda dated at 14th century, preserved at Vinh Phuc Museum

19. Seal of Tuan phu Do tuongquan dated to 1515, preserved at Quang Binh Museum

20. Golden book “De he thi” of Nguyen Dynasty dated at 1823, kept at the National Museum of Vietnamese History

21. Mould of bond with par value of 5 VND dated at 1947, preserved at Ho Chi Minh City Museum

22. Truck named “International” assembled using parts of various foreign car makers dated at 1949, kept at Logistics Museum

The new recognition has raised the number of national treasures to 164.


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Source: VNA

Prime Minister, 22 valuable items, national treasures, Dau Ram pottery jar, Golden lotus-flower-shaped box
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