Today: 25/02/2021 12:18:49 (GMT+7)

Bac Giang: Ancient features still being kept

08:09 | 21/02/2021

(BGO) - Among antique collectors in Bac Giang and northern provinces, Nguyen Long Giang (born in 1964) in Quang Chau village, Ngoc Chau commune (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province) is very well known. Having a passion for antiques, he has been diligently collecting and preserving many ancient objects, contributing to conserving the forefathers’ legacy.

Site clearance for Bac Giang golf course and resort project: A good start to ensure progress

09:01 | 20/02/2021

(BGO) - Despite being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Luc Nam district still focuses highly on the site clearance for a project to build the Bac Giang golf course and resort with a determination to ensure the scheduled progress.

Bac Giang produces nearly 140 hectares of lychee for export to Japan

14:34 | 19/02/2021

(BGO) - After successfully exporting lychee to Japan in 2020, this year, Bac Giang province will focus on producing nearly 140 hectares of lychee for this market, an increase of nearly 40 hectares, mainly in Luc Ngan and Tan Yen district. It strives to reach an output of 1,300 tonnes of lychee in 2021.

Bac Giang builds road connecting Tan Yen, Viet Yen and Lang Giang districts

14:33 | 19/02/2021

(BGO) - In order to create a driving force for socio-economic development, expand new development spaces and connect Tan Yen, Viet Yen, and Lang Giang districts, thus facilitating investment attraction, the provincial management board of projects on constructing transport and agriculture works is implementing a project to build a road connecting National Road 37 and National Road 17 with Provincial Road 292.

Bac Giang accelerates budget collection from year-beginning

15:49 | 18/02/2021

(BGO)- This year, the Bac Giang provincial Department of Taxation is assigned to collect more than 8.9 trillion VND (386 million USD) for the State budget, up from the previous year. To accomplish this task, the taxation sector has been implementing many drastic measures since the beginning of the year.

Bac Giang exports goods worth 172 million USD in first days of Lunar New Year

15:09 | 17/02/2021

(BGO) – The Customs Sub-Department in charge of industrial parks in Bac Giang province has said that from February 12 to 15 (from the first to the fourth day of the Lunar New Year), the unit completed customs clearance procedures for 17 export declarations of Vina Solar Technology Company Limited and Skylink Manufacturing Vietnam Company Limited based in the Van Trung Industrial Park. The goods, valued at more than 172 million USD, were shipped to the US and Canada.

Bac Giang: Successes obtained thanks to application of new technology

09:30 | 15/02/2021

(BGO) - The fourth industrial revolution has created breakthrough achievements. Farmers and business owners in Bac Giang province have applied scientific advances in agricultural production, obtaining high economic efficiency.

Bac Giang: Spring road to Tay Yen Tu

20:19 | 14/02/2021

(BGO) - One of the roads to the sacred mountain of Yen Tu, where the arduous pilgrimages from ancient times started and were prepared, is Vinh Nghiem Pagoda Complex.