Today: 15/07/2020 19:29:13 (GMT+7)

Than Nong Temple stands next to Huyen Dinh mountain range

11:55 | 11/07/2020

(BGO) – A temple dedicated to Than Nong (Shennong in Chinese and the Divine Farmer in English), located in Ho My village, Cam Ly commune (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province), was built on ancient traces of the mountainside of Huyen Dinh range looking towards Luc Nam river.

Bac Giang launches Red Flamboyant Volunteer Campaign

20:55 | 10/07/2020

(BGO) – The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (Youth Union) in Bac Giang province on July 9 launched the “Red Flamboyant” volunteer campaign and “2020 Exam Assistance” programme.

Bac Giang adjusts Rice Support Project to ethnic minority groups

16:47 | 09/07/2020

(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has decided to issue the Decision No.1299/QD-UBND to approve for adjusting the Rice Support Project to the ethnic minority groups, the poor King households living at the difficult areas to voluntarily plant the forest instead of rice farming on the mountain in Bac Giang province from 2019 – 2023.

Lychee selling price increases in late season

16:06 | 09/07/2020

(BGO) – According to the Center of Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion (Department of Industry and  Trade), Bac Giang province has harvested more than 164,000 tonnes of lychee, including over 93,600 tonnes in Luc Ngan district, 33,000 tonnes in Luc Nam district, 16,000 tonnes in Tan Yen district, 6,000 tonnes in Lang Giang district, 7,900 tonnes in Yen The district, 4,000 tonnes in Son Dong district...

Bac Giang DOFA supports citizen to go home amid Covid-19 pandemic

15:23 | 09/07/2020

(BGO)- The provincial Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) in northern province of Bac Giang has received the request by Nguyen Van Quy living in Binh An village, Chu Dien commune, Luc Nam district for instruction and support returning home of their relatives who are working under contracts in Republic of Guinea.

Duong Huu commune (Son Dong) gets rich from forest

09:03 | 09/07/2020

(BGO) - Duong Huu commune (Son Dong district, Bac Giang province) was awarded the title “Hero of the people's armed forces during the anti-US resistance war for national salvation”. As an extremely difficult commune, in recent years, Duong Huu has strongly developed thanks to its efforts to efficiently tap the potential and strengths of the forest. 

Poor girl wishes to stand upright just one time

20:27 | 08/07/2020

(BGO) – Though Nguyen Thi Giao was born in 1987 as a normal girl in Cao Thuong town, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang Province, her body was deformed with the crooked back after a serious fever when she was 8 years old. For 25 years, Giao has dreamed of having her health checked to stand upright.

Waste water treatment station put in operation in Dinh Tram industrial park

11:20 | 08/07/2020

(BGO) – After nearly 7 months of construction, Bac Giang Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company (Company) has completed upgrading, revamping to officially operate the concentrated waste water treatment station in Dinh Tram industrial park, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province.