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Falling in love with ‘quan ho’ songs

16:07 | 07/01/2020

(BGO) - Previously, I often heard ‘quan ho (love duet singing) Bac Ninh’ and now I know ‘quan ho Bac Giang’. A question was raised in my mind: “Whether we should call it ‘quan ho Kinh Bac’ and it will be more accurate. The ‘quan ho Kinh Bac’ is full of love and romance. It seems to be a game lasting from generation to generation and never stopping.

Bac Giang invests in tourism development infrastructure

14:12 | 27/02/2020

(BGO) – Investment in infrastructure construction is one of the key factors to boost the tourism growth. Thus, many localities in Bac Giang province have mobilized all sources to upgrade and improve the grass root infrastructure to help change and beautify the landscapes as well as link the utilities among the tourism destinations.

Garment enterprises in Bac Giang save energy, improve competitiveness

17:05 | 26/02/2020

(BGO) - Garment enterprises in Bac Giang province have been actively applying many solutions to save power, thus helping them reduce product costs, increase competitiveness and improve economic efficiency.

Safe agricultural products made by women

08:57 | 25/02/2020

(BGO) - Implementing the project "Supporting women in starting a business in the 2017 – 2025 period" in association with encouraging women to engage in clean production, clean consumption and food hygiene and safety, women’s unions at all levels in Bac Giang province have actively supported its members in developing many models of safe agricultural production and trading to serve daily consumption and supply to the market.

Bac Giang attracts visitors by signature tourism products

08:39 | 21/02/2020

(BGO) – Bac Giang is a province with many potentials for tourism development. From the primitive stage, now the map of local tourism shows bright colors. However, it is crucial to build the signature tourism products to draw more visitors to the province and earn higher revenue from the sector. 

Nearly 3,000 Bac Giang youths eagerly leave home to join army

13:49 | 11/02/2020

(BGO) - On February 10, districts and city across Bac Giang province held ceremonies to see off newly recruited soldiers in 2020. This year, the whole province has nearly 3,000 elite young people enlisting to perform their task of protecting the Fatherland.

50 hectares of lychee growing area in Bac Giang issued PUC for export to Japan

15:27 | 10/02/2020

(BGO) - The provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has worked out the plan on fresh lychee production and consumption for export to Japan in 2020. 

Bac Giang city mobilizes forces to join in nCoV epidemic prevention

10:27 | 07/02/2020

(BGO) – Bac Giang city is the capital of ​​Bac Giang province that houses many agencies, units and schools, and is a crowded place. Amid the urgent need of the prevention and control of an acute respiratory disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus called nCoV, the city is urgently implementing measures with a determination to prevent the disease.