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Fatherland in Truong Sa

(BGO) – Coming to Truong Sa (Spratly) - the sacred archipelago of the Fatherland is the desire of every Vietnamese citizen. Visiting Truong Sa, I had the opportunity to feel about the life and activities here and hear myriad of stories of officers, soldiers and veterans on the task of protecting the sea and island sovereignty of the country. 

Affirming sea and island sovereignty

The national flag is the pride of every Vietnamese person. Coming to Truong Sa, the first and most visible and sacred thing is the image of the national flag, which flies on the sovereignty markers, at the headquarters, wharves and lighthouses, or on ships and canoes going from and to the islands...

Fatherland in Truong Sa, Vietnamese citizen, sea and island sovereignty, national flag, long-lasting struggle, flag-salute ceremony,  Bac Giang province

Flag salute ceremony in Truong Sa archipelago.

Not only being the object affirming sovereignty, the national flag is also a special and priceless gift of the island soldiers. Due to harsh weather when standing amid waves and winds, the flags are faded and worn very fast. 

After being replaced, the old flags were written and signed by the officers and soldiers, and then stored carefully to be presented to delegations visiting the islands. In the roaring waves of the sea, when being asked about the red flag with yellow star, from the new soldiers to the experienced officers, all of them confirmed that it is a shadow of the Fatherland. 

The islands still exist when there are flags. Every flag in the remote island is soaked with sweat, tears and even blood and bones of many generations in the long-lasting struggle for safeguarding the seas and islands.

Arriving in Truong Sa, seeing the national flag fluttering in the sun and wind, emotions suddenly surged. The most sacred, impressive and especial is the flag-salute ceremony in Truong Sa. As a routine, every day, the national flag hoisting ceremony is implemented at the sovereignty markers in the islands. 

Each month, the islands hold a flag-salute ceremony once on the morning of the first Monday. All troops and people on the islands participated in the ceremony. The red flag with yellow star flies in the majestic National Anthem, followed by 10 honorary oaths that are chanted by officers and soldiers in a solemn atmosphere full of emotions and prides.

Standing firm amid the sea

More than anything, the image of the national flags flying amidst the waves is an immortal symbol affirming the nation's sovereignty over seas and islands. And for the national flag to fly forever and 10 oaths to appear in daily life, despite facing numerous difficulties, all the islands maintain the regimes and ceremonies in combination with political education and military training; physical training with knowledge learning and production.

Fatherland in Truong Sa, Vietnamese citizen, sea and island sovereignty, national flag, long-lasting struggle, flag-salute ceremony,  Bac Giang province

Vice Chairwoman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Thu Ha talks to officers and soldiers from Bac Giang province in Truong Sa archipelago.

Via talks with the island keepers, there is good news that more and more young people volunteer to go to Truong Sa to perform their duties. Being asked about the reason, Le Van Thanh from Quang Binh province, who works on An Bang Island; Ho Van Cong, a native of Binh Duong province, who works on Co Lin island; and many other soldiers, said defending the Fatherland is the responsibility of everyone, with youth eagerly taking the lead. 

Being asked whether they miss home, most of the answers are yes but it was only in the first days, and now they already got acquainted. In the islands, from commanders to officers and soldiers, all regard each other as people living in the same house - a large house in the waters and islands of Truong Sa.

With the attention of the Party, State and people, in recent years, facilities for implementing tasks and living conditions of officers and soldiers have improved markedly. In the islands, there are televisions and areas for sports training, cultural activities, and production...

Over time, more and more vessels carrying delegations, including relatives of officers and soldiers, to visit the island soldiers. The attention and ships carrying the sentiments and expectations of the mainland will practically help the island soldiers to be ready to receive and excellently fulfil their noble and glorious task of guarding every inch of sea and island, and the sacred continental shelf of the Fatherland, so that the red flag with yellow star forever proudly flies in the sunny and windy Truong Sa.

Breath of spring in Truong Sa archipelago
As Tet (Lunar New Year) festival is around the corner, officials and soldiers on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago are rushing to prepare for the holiday.
New Year gifts ready to be sent to Truong Sa archipelago
Thousands of gifts and hundreds of tonnes of essential goods have been prepared for soldiers and people in the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet) festival. 
Artists join hands to show love for Truong Sa islands
In Hanoi this August, a new exhibition entitled “Truong Sa in Our Hearts” will display the works of 12 photographers who have visited the archipelago. 
New book released to pay tribute to Truong Sa martyrs
A new book entitled “Gac Ma - Vong Tron Bat Tu” (Gac Ma - The Immortal Circle) was officially launched by the Van Hoc (Literature) Publishing House and the First News Company, on July 5.
Vitality of Truong Sa manifested through hundreds of photos
The vitality of life on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago is being showcased through 100 artistic photos taken by reporters and photographers, both amateur and professional, at an exhibition in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong from April 6 to 8.

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Fatherland in Truong Sa, Vietnamese citizen, sea and island sovereignty, national flag, long-lasting struggle, flag-salute ceremony, Bac Giang province
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