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Bac Giang: Attractive destination, trusted partner

(BGO) – Bac Giang now sufficiently converges all conditions to  be a main economic center in the Northern midland and mountainous area of Vietnam. Together with the natural advantages, magnificent landscapes, stable security, political and social conditions; preferential policy to investment and commitment to accompany the enterprises, the province has become a trusted and attractive destination drawing many domestic and foreign investors.

For years, Bac Giang has been ranked in top 10 localities across the nation in term of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction. Currently, 14 countries and territories are investing in the province with some 1,500 projects including nearly 400 FDI projects totally worth over 80 trillion VND (3.4 billion USD) and more than 4 billion USD.

Bac Giang province, attractive destination, trusted partner, main economic center,  political and social conditions, preferential policy, domestic and foreign investors

A corner of Dinh Tram Industrial Park in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province.

6 industrial parks which cover total area of nearly 1,500 hectares in favourable location along the national road No 1A and near the neighbouring economic areas have been invested synchronously in technical infrastructure such as power supply, water supply and drainage, waste water treatment system...

In the development orientation, Bac Giang focuses on expanding the industrial space toward synchronization of socio economic infrastructure by planning to add 9 industrial – urban – service areas with total area of 3,430 hectares.

The province has many advantages in agriculture development with farming land of more than 270,000 hectares (accounting for 70 percent of natural land) which are deposited rich layers of alluvial sediment by three rivers of Cau, Thuong and Luc Nam.

Bac Giang province is located in the North East of Vietnam within the planning zone of Hanoi capital. Surrounded by many key economic regions in the North, the province is about 50km away from Hanoi, 50km away from Noi Bai airport, 110 km away from Friendship Border gate (Lang Son province) and 140 km away from Hai Phong port. The province has numerous advantages in region linkage, trade connection and development of industry, agriculture and service.

The hardworking farmers with rich production experiences create many hi-quality farm produce with well – known brands in the market such as Luc Ngan lychee, Ban Ven green tea, Yen The hill chicken, Chu rice noodle among others.

Additionally, the provincial forest land covers more than 140 hectares, including 50 percent of production forest with huge economic value to ensure the raw material supply to wood processing facilities in the province.

Bac Giang is the home to numerous fruits in the Northern area of Vietnam with over 47,000 hectares of fruit cultivation (making up nearly 30 percent of total area of fruit orchard in the Northern midland and mountainous provinces and ranking third nationwide).

Recently, the province has focused on developing commodity agriculture via building the concentrated farming zones, applying advanced technology, following production procedure and developing sustainable agriculture ecosystem.

The local export value hit 7.8 billion USD in 2018, increasing 25 percent against last year figure and remaining the highest so far. The major export commodities include garment, electronic and farm processing sectors.

In the upcoming time, the province will prioritise to attract the investment to develop the key industries such as manufacturing mechanic; electronic; agro forestry and food processing; garment and textile; power production.

Regarding to farming sector, Bac Giang will lure and prioritise the projects to invest in processing of vegetable, root and food together with building concentrated and hi-tech farming areas.

The priority is taken to the projects that invest in pork and chicken processing factories for export in the field of animal husbandry as well as intensive forest growing project of big trees and project using advanced technology to produce and process the planted forest in the field of forestry.

Bac Giang province, attractive destination, trusted partner, main economic center,  political and social conditions, preferential policy, domestic and foreign investors

Tay Yen Tu spiritual and ecological tourism complex is one of the key tourism destinations in the province.

In near future, Bac Giang province orients to lure the investment in developing tourism product at the eco tourism site in a close attachment with community tourism, entertainment, adventurous sports, ecological homestay (Dong Cao plateau, Khe Ro primitive forest, Suoi Mo site...) and tourism projects in Tay Yen Tu tourism complex.

Also, the domestic and foreign travel agencies are welcomed to open tours to Bac Giang, invest in 4 – 5 star hotels in the city and golf course in Suoi Mo site.

Apart from the translated version of administrative procedure in English, Chinese, Japanese by the Department of Foreign Affairs to help the investors timely access to the regulations, Bac Giang province commits to create the most favourable conditions to the investors in guiding and introducing the locations for investment; implementing synchronous investment in technical infrastructure outside the barriers of the industrial parks and clusters in term of electric, water, road; investing in social infrastructure such as school and hospital; supporting in labor recruitment; ensuring social order in and outside the industrial park...

Bac Giang draws 90 investment projects in 7 months
(BGO) – In July 2019, Bac Giang province attracted total investment of 113.8 million USD, making up the total invested capital of over 658.9 million USD since early this year (up 45 percent comparing to the same period last year).
Tan Yen draws investment to timely support enterprises
(BGO) – Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) has recently attracted 12 – 15 investors and projects on average that greatly contributes to the local economic growth. To gain that achievement, the district has applied many new methods and facilitated the investors. 
Bac Giang conducts many solutions to improve investment environment
(BGO) – The authority of all levels in the northern province of Bac Giang have made great efforts to improve the business and investment environment as well as enhance the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) for years. In a recent interview granted to the reporter, Nguyen Van Linh, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) revealed about the issue.
Bac Giang: 86 investment projects licensed and adjusted in first 6 months
(BGO) – As of June 17, 2019, Bac Giang province licensed and adjusted 86 investment projects, accounting for 72 percent with total capital of 542 milion USD, up 73.8 percent comparing to the same period last year.
Creating favorable, open investment environment
(BGO) - The number of investment projects in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) has increased sharply, with many large projects already put into operation, contributing to promoting local socio-economic development. That is the result of the city’s efforts to improve the investment environment.

Article of Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee 

published on The World and Vietnam Report

Bac Giang province, attractive destination, trusted partner, main economic center, political and social conditions, preferential policy, domestic and foreign investors
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