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Provincial Public Administration Service Centre improves service quality

(BGO) - With the motto of taking the satisfaction of organizations and citizens as a measure, the Public Administration Service Center of Bac Giang province has constantly improved the process and application of information technology, becoming a reliable destination of people in the province. It is a typical model in the whole country in terms of administrative reform.

High satisfaction rate

According to the evaluation of the Office of the provincial People's Committee, the confidence and satisfaction of the people and organizations for the service of state administrative agencies in the centre has been increasingly raised. The people’s satisfaction rate when making transactions here reached more than 99 percent. Especially, criteria on facilities, convenience, attitude of officials and public servants all achieved high scores.

Provincial Public Administration Service Centre, Bac Giang province, service quality, administrative reform, long-term solutions

Staff of the provincial Public Administration Service Center guide citizens to vote to assess their satisfaction about administrative procedure processing.

To obtain these results, every year, the center advised the provincial People's Committee to request specialized agencies to review and simplify document processing process in some administrative procedures. Along with that, it put ahead with the centralized settlement of more procedures under its authority while increasing investment in facilities and modern equipment, and applying information technology in its operation.

Currently, administrative procedures being handled here number 1,730 (reaching 96.1 percent and increasing 20 percent compared to 2016). They include 179 procedures of central agencies located in the province. All administrative procedures of eight departments are handled at the centre. Notably, the centre is constantly improving the quality of service for organizations and citizens.

From the end of August 2019, in the first floor of the center, there is a working room of the administrative procedure handling support division. Since its inception, it has welcomed more than 500 people wishing to receive consultations regarding administrative procedures, especially those for getting driver's licenses and judicial records.

Continuing to innovate and modernize

Towards the goal of "one-stop-shop" and centralized settlement of administrative procedures under the motto of receiving, evaluating, approving, and returning results on-the-spot, the center has constantly invested in facilities, creating maximum conditions for organizations and citizens.

To meet the requirements of administrative reform, Bui Huy Khanh, Deputy Director in charge of the center, said that the center is developing a plan to make online payment. Currently, it is cooperating with the provincial Department of Information and Communications to bring about 100 procedures with regular submissions into the online public service system at levels 3 and 4 in the Departments of Industry and Trade; Finance; Planning and Investment; and Transport; and the Industrial Zones Management Board. As planned, the online payment service will be put into use in early 2020.

In addition, looking toward the satisfaction of organizations and citizens, since mid-October, the center has coordinated with VNPT Bac Giang to launch an online support switchboard for 20 administrative procedures with regular submissions in such fields as transport, justice, planning and investment... Thus, even though people call 0204.531.111 outside working hours, they still hear specific instructions and are exempted from call charges.

The centre is also a channel for actively monitoring the process of receiving, processing, and returning administrative procedure results of departments and agencies. Hoang Cong Binh, Chief of the Office of the Department of Science and Technology, commented: “From the results sent by the center, the department will analyze the criteria, thus taking measures to further improve the quality of serving organizations and citizens in handling administrative procedures”.

In order for the center to further promote its operational efficiency, many opinions said that the province should add more specialized personnel to the center and increase monthly allowance for staff here. Regarding long-term solutions, the center should continue to modernize its activities, take measures to strictly punish officials and public employees who violate regulations, and promote information about the center's activities to people of all strata.

According to the Public Administrative Center (PAC) in Bac Giang province, there are more than 4,200 people and enterprises using the online service of public administrative portal via Zalo application after two months of operation, nearly 2,000 of whom interacted to search for information, transact and reflect the proposals in handling the administrative procedures that doubled the figure at the initial stage. To achieve this result, the PAC has accelerated the direct propaganda methods via leaflet and mass media to widely popularize the application to the residents. To join the online administrative portal via Zalo application, the user should access to address, then click to button “Quan tam” (Interest) to recieve the information from the central account. Various utilities are included such as searching for information and result of handling the administrative procedure via QR and receipt codes; automatically sending message to change the document handling status; exchanging, questioning and answering, reflecting and proposing about administrative procedure; assessing the rate of satisfaction to the state agencies, officers, public servants and staff.

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Provincial Public Administration Service Centre, Bac Giang province, service quality, administrative reform, long-term solutions
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