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PPC Chairman Duong Van Thai urges to early detect suspected cases for isolation, localize to fight Covid-19

(BGO)- The provincial People’s Committee (PPC) of Bac Giang province on 26 March held an online meeting with the districts and city to review the fight against Covid-19 and assign tasks for coming time. PPC Chairman Duong Van Thai, Head of the provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control chaired the meeting. 

10,600 people from China and more than 800 people from other countries returned the province from March 19 to 26. 1,081 people have been imposed concentrated medical isolation in the entire province, 406 of whom finished quarantine. To date, the province allocated 105.809 trillion VND (4.56 billion USD) for pandemic fight. 

PPC Chairman, Duong Van Thai, suspected cases,  for isolation, fight Covid-19, Bac Giang province, online meeting, prevention and control

The view at the meeting.

In response to the call for the whole people’s involvement in the fight against the pandemic by the provincial Fatherland Front Committee, a large sum of money, food and equipment worth some 3.7 billion VND (159,515 USD) were mobilised to fight Covid-19 .

However, the medical isolation areas face numerous difficulties in facilities and equipment. The testing system for SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis at the provincial Center for Disease Control (CDC) is only capable to test 50 samples per day.

Facing complicated developments of Covid-19 outbreak, some participants required more budgets to buy equipment for pandemic prevention and control at the Field Hospital No 1, the provincial General Hospital, CDC and the Health Center of Son Dong district.

PPC Vice Chairman Le Anh Duong said the province is facing high risk of epidemic spread. Thus, the villages, hamlets and population groups should highly pay attention in next 2 days to quickly verify people returning from Bach Mai Hospital.

PPC Chairman, Duong Van Thai, suspected cases,  for isolation, fight Covid-19, Bac Giang province, online meeting, prevention and control

PPC Chairman Duong Van Thai voices at the meeting.

The province needs to complete preparation for the situation of epidemic spread, receiving the first patient in the provincial hospital and the first outbreak in the province with effective response plans.

After the Ministry of Health declares the general treatment regimen, the provincial Department of Health is urged to provide quick training for the medical bases to practice treating Covid-19 patients.

Concluding the meeting, PPC Chairman Duong Van Thai praised the medical staff, officials and soldiers of the armed force on mission in the hospitals and isolation areas for their great efforts in performing the duties who implemented drastic measures to fight the pandemic despite facing many difficulties.

The PPC Chairman stressed, Vietnam has entered the 3rd stage in the pandemic fight to prevent Covid-19 spread in the community. Hence, the province must implement urgent measures on the next days with an aim to ensure people’s health care and prioritize people’s safety.

To that end, the PPC Chairman warned the localities to fulfill early prediction about sources of infection, promptly detect suspected cases, strictly implement isolation, locate and effectively control the pandemic.

People imposed concentrated medical isolation are taken 2 screening tests when checking in and out the isolation areas. The doctors, nurses and employees in the isolation areas, hospital and CDC are specially prioritized in providing medical equipment, materials and necessities.

The districts and city are required to collaborate with the Social Security Agency to take information from the insurance code to make the list for heath management and supervision. People returning from Bach Mai hospital since 13 March are asked for quarantine at home.

The provincial General Hospital needs to flexibly death with situations even the worst circumstance to timely and effectively respond. It is essential to minimize meetings and crowd gathering (from 20 people). The service establishments in the province including restaurants, gyms, golf courts, stadiums and spas are temporarily closed.

PPC Chairman, Duong Van Thai, suspected cases,  for isolation, fight Covid-19, Bac Giang province, online meeting, prevention and control

PPC Vice Chairman Le Anh Duong speaks at the meeting.

People are warned to restrict going out especially the elderly, children and sick people. Agencies and enterprises should require all employees to strictly obey wearing face masks.

The Education and Training Department carry out online-teaching to high school and vocational school students from 28 March until the new announcement. The Department of Foreign Affairs needs to consult to limit the foreigners to the province. Press agencies should spend more time for propaganda on pandemic prevention and control.

The provincial Father Front Committee and unions at all levels need to continue propagandizing and raising people’s awareness of the pandemic fight while mobilising organizations and individuals to support the fight against the pandemic.

Many organizations, individuals in Bac Giang donate to fight Covid-19
(BGO)- In response to the call for the whole people’s involvement in the fight against Covid-19, the provincial Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) on 24 March received donations from the agencies and organizations for Covid-19 fight in the northern province of Bac Giang. Tran Cong Thang, member of the provincial Standing Party Committee, Chairman of the FFC and other leaders of the FFC received the donations. 
Bac Giang’s soldiers in white blouse pioneer in Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – The Covid-19 pandemic has developed complicatedly with unseen consequences. In Bac Giang province, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Steering Committee) at all levels have mobilized all materials, equipment and man power to fight against the disease in which  the medical officers, doctors and staff always take the lead firmly.  
A family in Bac Giang donates 500 million VND for Covid-19 fight
(BGO)-On 21 March, Nguyen The Cuong’s family, President of Thach Ban Group and his wife Nguyen Thi Ha Chau donated 500 million VND (21,560 USD) at the Headquarter of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee of Bac Giang province to support the fight against Covid-19.
Bac Giang: Many enterprises present necessities and medical materials for Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – On March 19, several organizations and enterprises presented many necessities  and medical materials for the Steering Board of Covid-19 prevention and control in Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province.   
Bac Giang joins hands in Covid-19 prevention and control
(BGO) – In response of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee’s calling on all citizens to make donations for Covid-19 prevention and control, on March 19 the Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) in Bac Giang province coordinated to receive the donations from the organizations and enterprises. 

Minh Thu

PPC Chairman, Duong Van Thai, suspected cases, for isolation, fight Covid-19, Bac Giang province, online meeting, prevention and control
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