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PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc urges Bac Giang province to focus on removing obstacles, fulfilling “dual goals”

(BGO) - Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Member of the Politburo, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 6 June had a meeting with the provincial Standing Party Committee of Bac Giang province on its socio-economic development in 2020. 

Many orientations for socio-economic development

Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Duong Van Thai reported the Prime Minister and other delegates on outstanding results in socio-economic development of the province in the tenure of 2015-2020 and development orientation in coming time.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Bac Giang province, removing obstacles, fulfilling dual goals, socio-economic development, foreign direct investment, Covid-19 pandemic, national key fruit growing area

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc addresses the meeting with the provincial leaders.

So far, Bac Giang province has promoted the tradition of solidarity and made great efforts in effective implementation of the policies of the Party and State. The province has properly exploited and promoted its potentials and advantages to gradually transfer from a poor province into one of the middle-income provinces nationwide.

However, Bac Giang is facing the biggest difficulty in infrastructure to prepare conditions for the new waves of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region especially after the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic.

Bac Giang province requested the Prime Minister to approve supplementation of 2 new industrial parks in the province with total area of 1,380 hectares into the Planning on development of the industrial parks in Vietnam until 2020, permit to supplement the National Power Development Plan with the construction of the 20kV power transmission line, 220kV- substation in Yen Dung district and running AT1 transformer in 2022 and AT2 transformer in 2025 to meet the immediate demand, direct the Ministry of Industry and Trade to support removing obstacles for An Khanh Thermal Plant to soon come into operation.

The provincial Chairman Duong Van Thai asked the Prime Minister, Ministry of Planning and Investment and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to pay attention to planning Bac Giang province as the national key fruit growing area to set a base for fostering farm production in coming time.

Besides, he requested the Prime Minister and Ministry of Transportation to arrange financial capital for improving the national highway No 31 with a priority for the section of Km17+800-Km38+600 (from Doi Ngo township in Luc Nam district to Chu township in Luc Ngan district).

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc opened up and orientated many big issues on socio-economic development of the province. He praised the achievements of Bac Giang province, especially the economic growth rate which is ranked 16th out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Bac Giang is evaluated one of the attractive localities in investment attraction. The province was in top ranking group for provincial administration performance index (PAPI) (ranked 4th out of 63 provinces and cities) in 2019.

Bac Giang needs to effectively tap its position and potentials in the era of 4.0, to develop industry, agriculture, urban areas and services. It was urged to focus on removing obstacles in production and business activities and fulfilling the “dual goals” to contribute to successful implementation of the socio-economic development targets of the country.

PM Phuc urged the province to take advantage of its position, culture and human resources for sustainable development. It needs to choose more proper and transparent economic development model. In 2020-2021 period, the province needs to attract qualified capital resources and mobilize resources for investment development to speed up the pace of development.

Resolving requests of Bac Giang province

Prime Minister stressed the requests of Bac Giang are reasonable. He required the ministries and agencies to closely collaborate with the province to timely remove the obstacles to facilitate Bac Giang’s development.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Bac Giang province, removing obstacles, fulfilling dual goals, socio-economic development, foreign direct investment, Covid-19 pandemic, national key fruit growing area

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc visits and talks to local people in Luc Ngan district.

PM Phuc agreed with the proposal of Bac Giang and requested the related ministries to work with the province to finalize procedures for supplementing 2 industrial parks of the province into the Planning on development of the industrial parks in Vietnam until 2020 including Yen Son - Bac Lung industrial- urban -service complex in Luc Nam district and Yen Lu industrial- urban -service complex in Yen Dung district and complete procedures to approve the investment policy for 2 projects of Viet Yen golf court and Bac Giang golf court and resort in earliest time.

Prime Minister urged the Ministry of Transportation to promptly allocate capital for construction of Cam Ly bridge and collaborate with related agencies to propose the financial mechanism to embellish the national highway No 31 and 37, section Km13 - Km46 and expand Xuong Giang and Nhu Nguyet bridges.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade was urged to pay attention to surmounting obstacles in power supply especially removing difficulties for An Khanh Thermal Electricity Company.

With the close collaboration of the related ministries and agencies and tradition of solidarity and creativity, Prime Minister believed Bac Giang would be more developed.

Receiving the opinions of the Prime Ministers, ministries and agencies at the meeting, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Bui Van Hai thanked for due attention and support of the Central Government, Prime Minister, ministries and agencies. He stressed, the provincial Party Committee, government and people of Bac Giang province would determine to fulfill the socio-economic development goals in 2020 and 2015-2020 tenure and organize the 19th provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 tenure) successfully towards the 13th National Party Congress.

During his stay in Bac Giang, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the delegation visited an orchard named after late President Ho Chi Minh in Luc Ngan district and the 1000-year old camphor tree in Tien Luc commune, Lang Giang district.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister attended a ceremony to send off trucks carrying harvested lychee for consumption in both domestic and foreign markets.

Japanese experts arrive in Vietnam to check fresh lychee for export
A delegation of Japanese experts arrived in Vietnam on June 3 to supervise the quarantining of fresh lychee expected to be exported to Japan shortly, according to the Plant Protection Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Luc Ngan orchard owners apply biosafety procedure to care for lychee farms
(BGO) -  As the key lychee production area in the northern province of Bac Giang, together with harvesting early ripen lychee, the orchard owners in Luc Ngan district are now focusing on the main lychee and late ripen lychee areas to ensure the quality and safe products.
Many enterprises and cooperatives join hands in lychee consumption
(BGO) – According to the Center of Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion (CIETP) (Department of Industry and Trade), Bac Giang province has to date consumed about 16,000 tonnes of early ripen lychee.
Luc Ngan sufficiently produces supporting commodities and services for lychee season
(BGO) – Though the main lychee season has yet to come, the utility manufacturers and service providers for lychee consumption and package in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) become hustle and bustle for the upcoming season.
Bac Giang ensures conditions to organize online conference for lychee consumption promotion
(BGO) – The Permanent Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Lai Thanh Son on June 1 chaired a meeting to review the preparation for Online Conference of 2020 Lychee Consumption Promotion.

Tran Duc - Trinh Lan - The Dai

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Bac Giang province, removing obstacles, fulfilling dual goals, socio-economic development, foreign direct investment, Covid-19 pandemic, national key fruit growing area
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