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Remembering the spring of great victory

(BGO) - What's new on April 30, 2021? I keep wondering. Suddenly, the memories of the spring 46 years ago and the day when the revolutionary flag of the Liberation Army of South Vietnam flew over the Independence Palace flagpole come to my mind.

At that sacred moment, our engineer unit was at the gateway to Saigon. We were so moved, as if we were suffocated. But the news was not spread as fast as it is today. It only came to us through the emotional words of the company’s political commissar: “Saigon has been liberated. The South has been liberated, my comrades!"

Bac Giang province, spring of great victory, revolutionary flag, Liberation Army of South Vietnam, Independence Palace flagpole, Uncle Ho

The tanks of the Liberation Army advance to occupy the Independence Palace on April 30, 1975.

The political commissar added that, after 21 years the whole country fighting bravely and steadily, the South was completely liberated and the national was reunified. We will realize Uncle Ho's last wish: Winning the American enemy, we will build our country more prosperous, bigger and more beautiful.

Now, Uncle Ho's words are still in our mind. The country entered the third decade of the twenty-first century with extremely bright fortune, potential, international position and prestige, laying a firm foundation for the nation to step forward. On the way ahead with many great opportunities and challenges, the 13th National Party Congress has identified important milestones for the country to strive for. Of which, the most important is that by the middle of this century, Vietnam would become a developed country with high income, which people often say simply that the country will turn dragon, becoming a rich and prosperous country.

The premise for becoming rich and prosperous begins today. We have entered the fourth Industrial Revolution, with extremely rapid changes, even at lightening speed according to the military language in the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign.

The telegram of the High Command of the Vietnam People's Army, signed by General Vo Nguyen Giap, was an order and a long horn sound of “going into combat” that contained the message of the Vietnamese mountains, rivers and seas and of the entire nation. During the war against the US to save the country, Vietnam’s military art of people's war developed to its peak. The glorious history of our nation throughout thousands of years has such heroic pages.

Now the country has entered a period of digital government and digital economy. The scientific and technological revolution with big leaps allows a developing country to take shortcuts to win decisive victories. That is a reality, not just words of encouragement.

In "the first year of Covid-19" and then "the second year of Covid-19", Vietnam has truly been a bright spot on the world map in terms of effective pandemic prevention and control. What the world recognizes is that Vietnam has fulfilled its dual goals of fighting the pandemic and promoting economic development.

Despite dealing with the fierce "third Covid-19 wave", the country’s economic growth in the first quarter of 2021 still achieved positive results, with gross domestic product (GDP) increasing by 4.48 percent, higher than the growth rate of 3.68 percent recorded in the first quarter of 2020. The good news is the strong recovery of import and export activities as the total import and export turnover was estimated at 152.65 billion USD in the first three months, up 24.1 percent over the same period last year, of which exports reached 77.34 billion USD, up 22 percent; and imports 75.31 billion USD, up 26.3 percent.

So we think of the touching stories of the war against the US to save the country – the stories of the people's hearts. The people were very loyal, brave and willing to endure all sacrifices and hardships.

Bac Giang province, spring of great victory, revolutionary flag, Liberation Army of South Vietnam, Independence Palace flagpole, Uncle Ho

The Saigon people march to celebrate the liberation of the city (May 15, 1975).

Now we often mention the phrase “The Will of the Party - The Hearts of the People”. In fact, this phrase was formed when our Party was born, and manifested more clearly through the revolution periods, the resistance wars and the national building process. And today, before the great tasks of the new era, it is more and more necessary than ever to promote the tradition of great national solidarity, and the cohesion and harmony between the hearts of the People and the Party's will.

To celebrate April 30, the day of victory and national reunification, once more time we remember a glorious history page of the country and the nation, and one more time we recall the merits of generations of Vietnamese who fought and sacrificed for the national independence and freedom, especially heroes, martyrs, soldiers and liberation troops. They live forever with the country, the people, and the cause of building and firmly safeguarding every inch of sacred land and sea of the beloved country of Vietnam!


Hai Duong
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Bac Giang province, spring of great victory, revolutionary flag, Liberation Army of South Vietnam, Independence Palace flagpole, Uncle Ho
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