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Production recovery must come with safety: Deputy PM

The recovery of manufacturing activity must come alongside safety against the epidemic, according to Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, who was speaking at a conference on September 20.

He stated that although many resolutions have been introduced and actions taken, enterprises based in industrial parks in provinces where social distancing measures are being imposed are still struggling.

Production recovery, come with safety, manufacturing activity, industrial parks, social distancing measures, maintain supply chains

Deputy PM Le Van Thanh speaking at the conference.

Therefore measures are needed to promote recovery while ensuring the virus is kept under control.

At the conference, domestic and foreign enterprises highlighted their difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic such as stagnated production, loss of orders, rising costs due to social distancing, workers’ restricted movement and low vaccination rates.

Therefore they propose the Government and ministries support them to maintain supply chains, accelerate vaccination, make it easier for experts to enter Vietnam and facilitate the movement of workers as well as the circulation of goods.

The sportswear manufacturer Nike, for instance, recommended it is not necessary to shut down a factory when there are new infections.

Replying to the enterprises’ proposals, Deputy PM Thanh emphasised that when cases are detected at a factory, taking infected people to treatment and screening their close contacts is all that is needed while other factories without infections can operate normally.

He noted that localities and enterprises need to have measures to keep the situation in check and no large outbreaks at production facilities can be allowed to occur.

At the conference, representatives of provinces and cities also presented lessons on fighting the virus, especially supporting enterprises to restore production, and avoiding disruptions to production chains as well as how to prevent fresh outbreaks.

Nearly 93 billion VND disbursed to pay for salary in suspension period and production recovery
(BGO) – Following Government’s Resolution No.68 on July 1, 2021 and PM’s Decision No.23 on July 7, 2021 about implementation of policies to support employer and employee in difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Bac Giang provincial branch of Social Policy Bank has to date disbursed nearly 93 billion VND (4 million USD) to 54 companies under bank loan.
Boosting confidence in Vietnam’s pandemic fighting efforts and economic recovery
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19 billion VND disbursed for workers’ salary to support production recovery
(BGO) – Bac Giang branch of the Social Policy Bank (SPB) on July 27 held a ceremony to ink the loan credit contract to pay for labours’ salary during business suspension time and production recovery in line with the Government’s Resolution No.68/NQ-CP on July 1, 2021 and PM’s Decision No.23/2021/QD-TTg on July 7, 2021 that regulated about the implementation of several policies to assist employers and employees affected by Covid-19 pandemic.
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Source: NDO

Production recovery, come with safety, manufacturing activity, industrial parks, social distancing measures, maintain supply chains
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