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Sea, islands, borders in soldiers’ heart

(BGO) - Communication activities on borders and islands have helped officers and soldiers working in military units in Bac Giang province raise their awareness and responsibility, thereby fostering their patriotism and national pride.

Since the beginning of October, a large number of officers, soldiers, and people at home and abroad have actively responded to the online contest "the Frontier of my Fatherland" launched by the Central Party Committee’s Commission for Information and Education. In Army Corps 2, following the instructions of the Party Committee of the Army Corps Command, the Political Department directed the units to encourage all officers and soldiers to participate in.

Sea, islands, borders, soldiers’ heart, Bac Giang province, Communication activities,  military units, patriotism and national pride

Officers and soldiers of Battalion 1, Tank Brigade 203 (Army Corps 2) study information about borders and islands through books and newspapers.

In particular, each agency and unit from the regimental level selected six capable and qualified officers to form a core team who train and guide others to join the competition.

The Political Department selected officers with experience in popularization work led by the head of the Information and Training Board as captain to join the contest. Thanks to spending time learning about the laws on borders and islands and carefully preparing facilities and equipment, the participants obtained good results.

Ending the four rounds of weekly exams, the whole Corps submitted more than 7,000 entries, many with high scores and short response times. Captain Pham Van Thinh from the Information and Training Board of Division 325 said, “The contest offered an opportunity for me to strengthen my knowledge of the country's border sovereignty as well as increase the application of information technology and digital platforms in popularization work".

The popularization of borders and islands is not only through competitions but also vividly and regularly displayed in all activities of the unit, from pictures, books, poetry to lectures, models, and initiatives… Visiting the Ho Chi Minh room of Battalion 2, Regiment 2, Division 3 (Military Zone 1), we recognized that the nearly 100sq.m room is decorated with many pictures and photos of the nation’s sea, islands, and borders.

While focusing on communications for soldiers, the unit has also paid attention to the work for a large number of people, especially the young generation. Recently, the Youth Unions of the provincial Military Command, the provincial Police, and Bac Giang city jointly organized a law dissemination programme with the theme "Drug prevention and control among students and protection of Vietnam's sovereignty over sea and islands" for more than 1,000 students from the Giap Hai High School (Bac Giang city).

From awareness to action, officers and soldiers of agencies, units and schools stationed in the province have actively responded to many movements and campaigns towards borders and islands organized by authorities at all levels such as: "For the love of borders and islands" and "The Spring in the frontier with comradeship"; visited and given gifts to officers and soldiers working in islands and border areas...

However, the reality shows that activities towards the borders and islands in some units are not regular and there is no close coordination between authorities at all levels, agencies and localities.

Therefore, according to Colonel Nguyen Trung Ha, head of the Information and Training Board of the Political Department of Army Corps 2, the dissemination of the guidelines and policies of the Party and the State on the national borders, sea and islands needs to be renovated in a more timely and accurate manner. Especially, it should be associated with competitions and extracurricular programmes.

Each agency and unit should continue to pay attention to building a team of rapporteurs with solid political mettle, good morality, and basic, comprehensive and correct knowledge about the sea and islands to serve as the core in popularization in general and dissemination of borders and islands in particular for military personnel.


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Sea, islands, borders, soldiers’ heart, Bac Giang province, Communication activities, military units, patriotism and national pride
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