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Bac Giang ranks 10 nationwide in GRDP and FDI attraction

(BGO) – Though Bac Giang province must encounter a lot of difficulties and challenges in 2021, the local socio-economy has gained important and encouraging results in every aspect. The province was the first localities in Vietnam honored with Labour Medal for achievements in Covid-19 prevention and control and outstanding model to successfully realize “the duo target”.

Economy maintains growth rate

Since early May, Covid-19 pandemic had complicatedly developed in many provinces and city. Bac Giang province encountered unprecedented difficulties and challenges which affected to every aspect of socio-economy.

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Permanent Vice Chairman of provincial People’s Committee Mai Son delivers the report about the implementation of socio-economic development task in 2021, major tasks and solutions in 2022.

Amid the actual condition, the provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and Committee highly agreed on giving direction while drastically and flexibly managing the situation. The province took advantage of good opportunities after the pandemic was well controlled, hence rapidly recovering the economy with growth rate cycle from third quarter in 2021.

The yearly Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) is estimated at 7.82 percent, helping the province rank tenth nationwide. The industrial production eyes quick and firm recovery. Large enterprises have stabilized the operation, accelerated the production and employed same or more labours than the period before the disease outbreak, which create driving force for the development.

Agro-forestry and fishery production continues to gain prominent results and affirm the role of economic support. Total budget collection in 2021 is estimated at over 15.7 trillion VND, exceeding 56.1 percent of the yearly estimate and increasing 26.9 percent year on year.

Total development investment hits over 62.6 trillion VND, representing 7.7 percent year on year increase and accounting for 91.7 percent of the plan. The urban systems are further expanded and developed in which Viet Yen district and expanded Doi Ngo town have been recognized by the Ministry of Construction as fourth grade urban.

The province also gains positive results in investment attraction and business development. As schedule, by this year end, total newly registered and added capitals will hit about 1.26 billion USD in the province while there are 1,381 established companies. Bac Giang ranks tenth nationwide in foreign direct investment attraction.

The Covid-19 prevention and control has been implemented actively, flexibly with many positive achievements. The indexes of administrative reform, people’s satisfaction and digital transformation in 2020 were strongly improved, making the province enter top leading group in the country.

Striving to get GRDP of 14 percent

Besides the prominent results, there are several shortcomings and limitations for recovery. Covid-19 pandemic severely affected to every aspect of life, so five out of 18 socio-economic indicators fail to meet the set target. Most of the key production sectors gain lower growth rate than last year figure…

Bac Giang province, ranks 10 nationwide, GRDP, FDI attraction, socio-economy growth, important and encouraging results, Covid-19 pandemic, Labour Medal for achievements

The view of the fifth meeting of 19th tenure People’s Council.

“All levels and sectors have focused on effectively implementing General Strategy about pandemic prevention and control with safe, flexible and suitable route to well contain the disease in local area; determined to prevent and keep the achievement of pandemic fight with the first priority to protect the people’s health, create favorable and safe environment for socio-economic activities,” pressed Permanent Vice Chairman of provincial People’s Committee Mai Son.

In 2022, the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) defines 18 specific criteria to develop the socio-economy, in which strives to get GRDP of 14 percent.

To complete the target, the PPC works out 10 groups of task and solution. They include to flexibly and effectively implement Covid-19 prevention and control goal, facilitate the socio-economic recovery and development; enhance solutions to remove difficulties and improve business investment environment; practically and effectively restructure the economy associated with renovating the growth model; increase the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness; well mobilize and use sources; accelerate to build and develop the infrastructure system and urban development; improve quality of education and training, boost up scientific research, technology development and application as well as creative renovation.

It is suggested to harmoniously and suitably link among economic development, culture and society; promote the value of Bac Giang’s culture and people, focus on implementing policy for national contributors, social protection and welfare; effectively manage and use land and natural resources; enhance environmental protection; actively respond to natural disaster and climate change.

It is necessary to improve the effect and efficiency of state management as well as development capability; tighten the administrative regulation and rule in parallel with creating creative renovation environment; accelerate the prevention against corruption and negative issues.

National defense and security potential should be reinforced. The province needs to be active in international integration to create stable development environment; boost up information and communication to build up social consensus and increase the effectiveness of authority mass mobilization task.

Bac Giang recovers shortcoming of Covid -19 management and tracing software at business to enhance effectiveness
(BGO) – With the spirit “Production to fight against pandemic, pandemic control to resume production”, since June 14, 2021, Bac Giang province has officially launched Covid-19 management and tracing software (CMTS) at the local companies. However, the application has yet to gain expected results.
Bac Giang diversifies "channels" to receive information, support businesses
(BGO) - In order to create a favorable business and investment environment, following the direction of the provincial People's Committee, departments, agencies, sectors and localities have diversified "channels" of accessing information, providing timely support and handling difficulties for businesses, thus helping investors and enterprises to operate effectively; and improving the provincial competitiveness index (PCI).
Bac Giang targets to have 1,500 digital technology and digital businesses by 2030
(BGO) – It is the target set in the Plan No.547.KH-UBND on October 28, 2021 of the People’s Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) about developing digital technology and digital businesses in Bac Giang in the period 2021 – 2025 with the vision to 2030.
Bac Giang city supports businesses’ development
(BGO) – The self efforts together with attention and assistance from local party, authority and competent forces have helped enterprises and cooperatives in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) to gradually overcome the difficulties caused by Covid-19 to stabilize the production and business activities.  
Luc Ngan receives study supporting devices from sponsor businesses
(BGO) – On October 26, representative of Vina Solar Technology Company Limited and Vina Cell Technology Co.,Ltd in Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) visited and sponsored study supporting devices to Luc Ngan district.

Bac Giang province, ranks 10 nationwide, GRDP, FDI attraction, socio-economy growth, important and encouraging results, Covid-19 pandemic, Labour Medal for achievements
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