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Bac Giang improves effectiveness of people-to-people diplomacy in new situation

(BGO) – People-to-people diplomacy forms part of foreign relations work and contributes to performing the tasks, guidelines and policies of the Party and State relating to foreign affairs. In Bac Giang, this task has been implemented effectively, with many positive results.

Meeting requirements

The provincial Union of Friendship Organizations currently has nine member bilateral friendship associations: Vietnam - Russia; Vietnam - Germany; Vietnam - China; Vietnam - Laos; Vietnam - Cambodia; Vietnam - Czech - Slovakia; Vietnam – Republic of Korea; Vietnam - Italy and Vietnam – Japan, with 85 chapters at district and commune levels.

Bac Giang province, improves effectiveness, people-to-people diplomacy, new situation, foreign relations, positive results,

Nguyen Duc Trong, Standing Vice Chairman and General Secretary of the provincial Union of Friendship Organizations, awards certificates of merit to people with outstanding achievements in people-to-people diplomacy.

The union has nearly 6,000 members in 10 districts and city. Over the past time, it has strengthened connections with Vietnamese abroad. According to statistics, there are currently nearly 4,000 Bac Giang people living in 42 countries and territories, mainly in Northeast Asian countries (60.2%) and European countries (34.2%).

Through a number of activities held by organizations and associations of Bac Giang people living abroad and bilateral friendship associations, Bac Giang expatriates have actively participated in supporting social and humanitarian activities. Responding to the call by the provincial Fatherland Front Committee to support the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and the vaccine fund in 2021, many organizations and individuals have donated medical supplies, equipment and cash.

In the 2016 – 2021 period, Bac Giang people abroad sent home 595.75 million USD in remittances through the system of commercial banks in the province, contributing to local economic development.

Task of both political system and people

In order to effectively realize the Resolution adopted at the 19th Congress of the provincial Party Organisation for the 2020-2025 term and perform the tasks of people-to-people diplomacy and overseas Vietnamese affairs in the new period, Party committees, authorities and socio-political organizations will focus on implementing many specific measures.

Bac Giang province, improves effectiveness, people-to-people diplomacy, new situation, foreign relations, positive results,

Lao alumni visit the Vietnam-Laos traditional house at Border Guard Intermediate School No.1 in Tan Yen district.

They will continue to raise awareness of the role, position and importance of people-to-people diplomacy, effectively carry out the tasks set by the Government and the province, and strengthen leadership and direction in the implementation of the task.

They are actively deploying the Action Programme to implement Directive No. 12-CT/TW of the Party delegation to the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations, the project on connecting, attracting and promoting resources of overseas Vietnamese for Bac Giang in 2021-2030, the project on promoting local-level cooperation between Bac Giang province and foreign localities for 2021 - 2025 and the coordination programme on popularization of people-to-people diplomacy between agencies in the province in 2020 - 2025.

They will improve the effectiveness of external information work, on the basis of closely following and concretizing the "Foreign information strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2045"; enhance the role and participation of member bilateral friendship associations and people's organizations in protecting national interests and performing people-to-people diplomacy task; and actively diversify and mobilize international resources for the province's socio-economic development.

As a specialized organization in people-to-people diplomacy, the provincial Union of Friendship Organisations will continue to innovate and improve the quality of its activities, give timely advice and proposals to the provincial People's Committee, and closely coordinate with relevant agencies to improve the effectiveness of mobilization of foreign non-governmental aid.


Nguyen Duc Trong, Standing Vice Chairman and General Secretary of the provincial Union of Friendship Organizations
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Bac Giang province, improves effectiveness, people-to-people diplomacy, new situation, foreign relations, positive results,
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