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Bac Giang aims to connect communes with software in processing administrative procedures

(BGO)- Vice Chairwoman of the Bac Giang People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Thu Ha on May 4 had a working session with representatives from the provincial Department of Information and Communications and other relevant departments, sectors and agencies to discuss the application of software in processing administrative procedures and the organisation of online conferences at communal level. 


Bac Giang, communes, processing administrative procedures

Vice Chairwoman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Thu Ha presides over the working session. 

The meeting heard that technological infrastructure of the locality has met requirements for the work, with three key software systems to implement the one-stop-shop mechanism, making it easier for locals and enterprises in asking for administrative procedure processing. However, the software systems remain inconvenient as they are not integrated. 

Systems helping connect communes with online conferences have been installed in nearly 100 locations in the districts of Yen The, Tan Yen, Luc Nam and Hiep Hoa. Those in Lang Giang district and Bac Giang city are scheduled to be completed in May. 

Participates emphasised the need for further investment to create a synchronous connection infrastructure system, with detailed requirements for software suppliers. 

It is necessary to put several administrative procedures into the one-stop-shop system to avoid wastefulness because in fact very few procedures are handled via the system.

When the software systems are integrated, a unit to supervise procedures during the processing should be set up.

Concluding the meeting, Ha, who is also head of the Steering Committee for Information Technology (IT) Development of Bac Giang, said the province’s IT infrastructure development has failed to meet the set targets, especially in integrating software systems.

To ensure the progress of the work, the provincial Department of Information and Communications was asked to strictly implement the approved e-government project. 

She said that connection plans that are not suitable with the project must be removed, and feasible plans must be proposed in writing before May 10, towards completing connection of software systems serving the processing of administrative procedures  from districts to communes in  June. 

She also stressed the need to control administrative procedures registered by departments and agencies and eliminate internal procedures.

It is necessary to order software and services that match the IT development strategy of the locality, she said, adding that software suppliers need to work with relevant sectors to upgrade existing software systems, avoiding wastefulness. 

The provincial Departments of Justice, Finance, and Information and Communications will coordinate in taking measures to integrate specialised software systems. 

She noted that agencies having direct responsibility for the work need to urge the People’s Committees of districts and Bac Giang city to early complete a software system to directly connect communes to online conferences. 

By Trinh Lan 


Bac Giang, communes, processing administrative procedures
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