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Multiplying civilized weddings from exemplary model

(BGO) – Over the past time, the organization of weddings in ​​Bac Giang city has revealed many restrictions, causing discontents in society. To deal with that situation, local authorities have organized model civilized, thrifty weddings to raise awareness and disseminate a new way of life among residents.

Model weddings – thrifty but happy

In fact, several weddings in the city were organized ostentatiously and wastefully. In some cases, people installed more than 20 booths occupying two thirds of or even the entire road, affecting traffic order and urban beauty. Many weddings used loudspeakers with too big volume, and hired masters of ceremony and live music bands who performed from the morning to the late night ... Because many people considered the wedding organization their own business so they could do what they like.

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Representatives of Bac Giang city present gifts to two couples in Tran Nguyen Han ward at marriage certificate granting ceremony.

According to Nguyen Thi Thanh, Chairwoman of the Le Loi ward People's Committee, persuading people in the area to practise a civilized lifestyle in the wedding has yet to prove effective as there is still a concept that wedding is an important matter in the whole life so it should be organized on a large scale. Many officials and Party members have not been aware of setting examples and there are no sanctions for specific violations in this field.

Realizing the instruction of the Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People's Committee, the Culture and Information Division of Bac Giang city has proposed the municipal People's Committee to promulgate Plan No. 63 dated May 23, 2018 on enhancing the civilized lifestyle in weddings and funerals, including the organization and replication of civilized and economical weddings.

The division has coordinated with the wards of Tran Nguyen Han and Le Loi in organizing model civilized weddings and granting marriage certificates. Tran Nguyen Han ward recently persuaded the family of Tran Quoc Toan - Doan Thi Bich Dao, residing in the residential area 1B to hold a new-style wedding for their son at the area’s cultural house. 

Besides friends and relatives of the bride and groom, only representatives of the Culture and Information Division and Justice Agency of the city as well as the unit where the groom is working attended the wedding. Under the witness of relatives and friends, the groom and bride (Tran Hung - Ngoc Thi Phuong), in red dresses, exchanged rings and hand in hand offered water to guests. Representatives of the two families delivered speeches, telling their children how to behave in life.

To multiply the exemplary model

Bac Giang province, civilized weddings, exemplary model, new way of life, civilized lifestyle, exemplary model, wedding season

Young people sign commitments with the People's Committee of Tran Nguyen Han ward to follow regulations of civilized, thrift wedding at marriage certificate granting ceremony.

Scaling up civilized, thrifty weddings is not easy. In order to have more simple but solemn weddings, the municipal Culture and Information Division will continue to join hands with wards and communes to popularize on the mass media directions of the central, provincial and city governments in this field. 

It will coordinate with FPT Telecom Company to install popularization panels at the cultural houses of six wards and communes: Song Mai, My Dinh, Tan Tien, Dinh Tri, Tan My and Da Mai. Through model weddings, the division will disseminate the regulations of civilized lifestyle in wedding, help young people understand the meaning of marriage, thus becoming more responsible for keeping family happiness.

Le Xuan Duong, head of the municipal Culture and Information Division, said: "In the coming time, the agency will disseminate the practice of civilized lifestyle to cadres, Party members and people in the area and require families to commit to complying with regulations while promptly praising and multiplying good practices and criticizing negative, ostentatious and wasteful manifestations on the mass media and social networks. It will enhance inspection and supervision to promptly detect and take measures to strictly handle cases of setting up booths in contrary to regulations and using music exceeding permitted volume.

The wedding season has started. Many people said that in the process of popularization to change the perception of people, the culture sector and mass organizations should coordinate with other agencies, units and residential areas to persuade officials and Party members to set examples in the community, showing their responsibility and seriousness in implementing the new lifestyle.

Le Thanh

Bac Giang province, civilized weddings, exemplary model, new way of life, civilized lifestyle, exemplary model, wedding season
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