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Room to Read helps improve reading skill and culture to students

(BGO) – Room to Read (RtR) is a US-based non-governmental organization (NGO) licensed by Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs (COMINGO) to set up the representative office and run projects about educational development support in Vietnam since 2001. It has reached 17 provinces and cities nationwide, including the northern province of Bac Giang.  

In 2015, the provincial People’s Committee inked a coordination agreement with RtR to implement a programme that supports the language development for primary students and combined library.

Room to Read, reading skill and culture, primary students, Bac Giang province, educational development support, language development, library activities

The “Friendly library” project of Room to Read.

Accordingly, RtR has joined hand with the local Department of Education and Training (DoET) to providing the aid programme to 40 primary schools in three districts of Hiep Hoa, Viet Yen and Yen Dung with a total budget of over 4 billion VND (over 172,500 USD).

RtR’s library systems at the primary schools are suitably arranged to the students, helping them easily use the books and form a routine of book reading. This model is highly evaluated in fully matching the present requirement of primary educational renovation and widely spread by the local primary schools.

Recently, RtR has coordinated with the provincial DoET to provide the managers, teachers, librarians, heads of the Parent Representative in several project schools with the training course about 3 fields of Establishment and Management; Reading lesson at the library and Community participation.

These schools sufficiently receive the books, stories and equipment provided by the project agreement; coordinate with the parents and community to establish the library; organize the library lesson once per week per class and reading activities to the students, Family book reading day, Book reading festival, Book reading competition, Awarding the book reading star and others.

Besides, the foreign experts have visited the library at some beneficiary schools to consult on the technique to organize the library activities. The managers, teachers and librarians at these schools firmly grasp the theoretical systems and organizing skill.

These schools encourage the managers, teachers and community to actively participate in building and setting up the libraries which are suitably arranged to the primary students, inspiring them on reading book.

Additionally, the library activities are diverse in both contents and types, drawing the active participation from the students, parents and community. The majority of students get used to reading at home and the school. The project contributes to improving the reading skill and culture to the local students.

Youth project helps to spread reading culture in community
Since its debut by three young people in Ho Chi Minh City in December 2016, Sach Chuyen Tay (Books in the City) has created a venue to share and lend the favorite free books in Vietnam. The project aims to help spread the reading culture and connect the reading community by locating available book sources in society.
Retired lecturer helps promote reading culture
To nurture her hobby and spread the love for books to every voracious reader, a retired lecturer has created a free bookstore in Hanoi’s Dong Da district. In the digital era where reading culture is threatened by newer forms of communication, her bookstore shines like a gem.
Free library inspires reading in rural area
Private libraries, which have been established by individuals in rural areas over the past few years, are providing free access for local people and encouraging reading among children.
28 Hanoi students honoured as ‘Ambassadors of Reading Culture’
Twenty-eight students in Hanoi were honored as being ‘Ambassadors of Reading Culture’ during the 2017-2018 school year at an awards ceremony for a writing and presentation contest held on Hanoi Book street on May 26.
Contemplation and spreading of Quan Ho folk song in northern Cau river
(BGO) – As the old word says “the date to come, the festival to return”, numerous visitors go on pilgrimage to Bo Da pagoda festival not only for religious rituals and ceremonies but also for the smooth and high-faluting melodies of Quan ho (Love duets folk song). The countryside in the northern Cau river gains its charm and beauty by such folk singing.
Vietnam Book Day promotes reading culture among community
A book festival will take place at Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi, from April 18-24, opening a series of activities in response to Vietnam Book Day (April 21).

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Room to Read, reading skill and culture, primary students, Bac Giang province, educational development support, language development, library activities
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