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Multiplying nice actions from "Two good deeds" movement

(BGO) - In early 2018, the Youth Union of Bac Giang province launched the movement "Two good deeds – One for yourself and one for the community and society". To date, the movement has spread widely, helping local youth union members and officials at all levels raise awareness, build a healthy lifestyle, and volunteer for community life.


Flower garden of good deeds blooming

On March 20 (International Day of Happiness), members of the provincial Youth Union’s October 20 chapter and the provincial Women's Union gathered together from the early morning to prepare a charitable porridge pot. 

Bac Giang province, nice actions, Two good deeds, Youth Union, community and society, volunteer for community life,  healthy lifestyle

Members of the October 20 and Department of Justice chapters of the provincial Youth Union present porridge to patients at the provincial Oncology Hospital.

Borrowing a small corner of the provincial Oncology Hospital, they quickly cleaned a table and displayed the porridge servings. Many patients and their relatives came to receive the hot porridge.

With only six members, for the past two years, the chapter has maintained the chartable porridge pot. Up to now, the unit has distributed more than 2,400 porridge servings with a total value of nearly 20 million VND (860 USD).

Dinh Thi Thuy, Vice Secretary of the chapter, said: "The charitable porridge pot at the provincial Oncology Hospital has received support from youth union members, Women's Union officials, enterprises and benefactors throughout the province. In 2018, the October 20 chapter maintained a pot of porridge per month, which now increases to two pots per month.

Since 2018, all 19 youth unions at the district level and all of their grassroots-level chapters have instructed the registration for implementation of the "Two good deeds" movement. As a result, the provincial Youth Union awarded the title "Outstanding youth follows Uncle Ho's words" to 16 elite young people and more than 3,800 youth union members and children were commended at all levels.

In addition, in order to effectively implement the "Two good deeds" movement, the chapter also launched a campaign for its members to register one good deed each. 

People registered to practice good writing skills while others registered to make efforts in learning, communicate in English or practice public speaking skills.

Launched in 2018, the "Two good deeds" movement has spread widely to the all-level youth unions in the province. With the aim of improving the role of the youth union organisations in helping students actively access knowledge about scientific and technological application in agriculture, in October 2018, the youth union of Xuong Giang ward collaborated with the youth union of the Department of Science and Technology in implementing the model of "Experimental garden for high-tech agriculture" at the Xuong Giang Secondary School.

The model was developed in an area of about 20sq.m, including an insect-proof net house, a modern vegetable-growing rig, a drip irrigation system in line with Israel's technology, and an automatic pumping system. The project has lured more than 1,000 youth union members and students to visit and experience.

Deeds associated with the life of each youth union member

The "Two good deeds" movement has been implemented in the period of 2017-2021 with the mottos "seniors first and inferiors later" and "study goes a pair with practice", focusing on "following" with specific actions in daily life, associated with the criteria in learning, training and working of youth union members and children.

Bac Giang province, nice actions, Two good deeds, Youth Union, community and society, volunteer for community life,  healthy lifestyle

Members of the youth union of Viet Lap commune (Tan Yen district) donate working days to help families in difficult circumstances.

According to Nguy Van Tuyen, Secretary of the provincial Youth Union, the movement has different points when applied to different persons but generally it encourages the living and working under the Constitution and the law. The “Two good deeds” movement has simple criteria that are associated with the life of each youth union member.

During the Youth Month 2019, which kicks off the Year of Volunteer Young People, the provincial Youth Union has directed its chapters at all levels to concretize activities in response to the emulation campaign "Bac Giang youth remembers the Testament of Uncle Ho" in association with the "Two good deeds" movement. Accordingly, district and city-level youth unions and their chapters registered 38 good deeds for their units and the community.

Some units have implemented the movement effectively. For example, Yen Dung district’s youth union has standardized and improved computer literacy for its officials, sponsored 23 disadvantaged students, and supported the construction of a youth football pitch in Lao Ho commune. 

The Bac Giang city Youth Union has helped build charitable houses and entertainment areas for children. Meanwhile, the youth union of the provincial business block carried out measures to improve the material and spiritual lives for young workers...


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Bac Giang province, nice actions, Two good deeds, Youth Union, community and society, volunteer for community life, healthy lifestyle
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